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Is it wrong to play favourites?

Okay, so I have a birthday party to get to, study to do and sleep to catch up on so I will try to keep this quick. Last week, I was out for a quick walk to get lunch. Feeling … Continue reading

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Big Yellow Taxi

“Don’t it always seem to go, that you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone.” – Joni Mitchell. Whilst this lyric was originally an environmentalist and political statement, it certainly holds some poignancy for me as I’ve hit the final sprint … Continue reading

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Delightful Delft

On Saturday I went to Delft with a friend, Eliot. Delft is best known for the blue and white pottery, Delftware, and the famous painter Joseph Vermeer who painted during the Dutch golden age, it also has lovely canals and … Continue reading

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Different Schooling Systems

They do things a little differently here in the Netherlands, back home we have two semesters per year and with in each semester is one teaching period that runs for about thirteen weeks. Most full time students will take four … Continue reading

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Block 2, Fog, Goodbyes and Muay Thai

  This week we started block two and since my classes for block two are divided into two intensive courses taken consecutively at the moment I am only taking one class – legal ethics.  So far I am loving it, … Continue reading

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and the winter begins

hello all, sorry for the length between posts, probably mostly to my mother, who I am sure takes a keener interest in my activities than the other exchangees 🙂 anyway, how to describe my last month in poland? I have … Continue reading

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Volunteering at the Impakt film festival

A while ago when I was visiting a friend at her hostel I picked up this flyer looking or volunteers. Turns out it was a good thing I grabbed it as I have just spent the last weekend working at … Continue reading

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Welcome to the Netherlands and the World Bikes!

There are so many bikes in the Netherlands! I have found it impossible not to encounter at least a few bicycles on any single day in the Netherlands. Even when I spend the day locked up inside studying I can … Continue reading

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Brussels and Back

The concept of catching a train to another country is kinda for me, not the train part but the changing of countries. The anticipation of crossing the border, having my passport checked and that confirming little stamp in my passport, … Continue reading

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Indescribably Happy

  I have passed the half way point in my exchange and like the title says I am indescribably happy whether the high I am on after my exams has something to do with it or not I have met … Continue reading

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