Whatever will be will be

It seems that my time so far in Krakow has been a sort of blur. Day by day i would go out to Stare Miasto, look at the fairy tale like image in front of me and continue my day sightseeing or visiting every single cafe with my friends Peter and Ainslie. After divulging in anything that was covered in chocolate or that had the word cheesecake in it we would talk about were we would like to visit; with the hope that we will have time to do so..

But, unfortunately time doesn’t stop here; it does however give the impression of going faster than usual. I feel like that i only arrived yesterday and now im already talking about exams and final assignments..

The thought of studying right now makes me stressed. But only for two reasons:

Firstly, that i have absolutely zero motivation

and secondly, and probably the most stupid reason: trying to find a book in English that is relevant enough to my topic, so i can use it as an  academic source for my bibliographies.

So my problem, i guess, is how to get motivated in to studying. How am i supposed to get in to the old routine in a completely different environment?

The answer:     well.. i cant really

However, in saying this i have come to the realisation that me being here is not only about studying but being in a completely different culture, and that i dont have to constantly be thinking like a student and of the amount of assignments i have to do or readings; because if i am than im not really taking in anything around me am i?

And, I guess being here is the perfect opportunity to; well, sort of ‘stop and smell the flowers’. So maybe if i take my time and stop worrying about everything; then everything will fall in to place; including studying..

Now the above was my draft from a week ago and i can safely say that although the sentiments which i expressed are still there, im not as worried anymore..

I have managed to fit in a Zakopane weekend away with Ainslie and Peter and manage all of my essay plans, so i guess its not as bad as i thought.

Ive also realised that on my way to classes, when i walk to the Rynek Glowny, im the only one that is rushing all the time, im always taking over someone, and its only now after three weeks that ive asked myself ‘whats the rush’?

So ive decided to do what the locals do (or international students do) and relax, take my time and; whatever will be, will be.












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