Over Halfway

This post won’t be as long as my others, but I just want to briefly talk about being over halfway through the semester here!

Time certainly flies when you’re having fun! Before I left, people would often say that it would be the shortest 5 months I would ever have, but I didn’t really take them seriously. However, today I realised that I am over halfway through my semester’s course. I honestly couldn’t believe it! I’m already having to start thinking about moving out of my accommodation and organising things regarding my holiday travels around Europe during January!

I suppose my one suggestion to all future exchange students reading this would be to follow this simple rule of travelling: never say no. Opportunities to do really interesting things come around really regularly for exchange students, and if you don’t take up these opportunities before long the semester will already be over! It is a bit disappointing having the realisation that the tripe is almost over, but I’m certainly glad that I have filled my exchange so far with so many interesting and wonderful experiences!


Anyway that will do for now! There isn’t really anything else to report other than that my second exam for the semester is next Tuesday, and that I gave a presentation at my internship earlier today. My revision is going well, and my presentation went excellently!

Until next time,


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