In sickness and in health.

The fountain that turns water into wine


So I know I was going to keep blabbering on about my time in London and Paris, but tonight I felt like taking a jump forward to the here-and-now.

It’s Monday night and I am home alone, cough

ing and nose running like you have no idea. Charming, right? I have been sick for about a week straight now.

It all started after an exchange party I went to last Sunday night. Considering the lack of alcohol I consumed I knew something was up the next day when I had a headache so bad I couldn’t move. It didn’t really bother me, for 2 reasons.

1) the headache gave me a perfect excuse to sleep the day away and have some time to myself for a change; and

2) Considering the fun I had the night before, the pain was totally worth it. Sure, I could have done without the creepy old guys everywhere, but the 80s-90s medley (featuring the likes of ‘Greece Lightning’ and similar classics) and 2 hours of solid dancing were amazing fun.

By Monday morning when I still felt some pain I was pretty determined not to let it hang around long, so I used it as an excuse to skip my language class for once.

Then Tuesday came, and although the headache was minimal, it was exhausting to take 3 steps now. But hey, I had obligations (class with compulsory attendance) and I was sick of sitting in bed all day.

An indication of the crowd

When Wednesday night come I decided it wasn’t just recuperating at home that I was sick of. It was time fore me to go out and have some fun and my illness could deal with it. Besides, I was just feeling a little fatigued by this point, what harm could it do?

Totally a good idea at the time. I had so much fun dancing with friends from all over Europe and getting a real feel for the Italian night life… Although this little outburst of mine did mean I was feeling pretty lousy again Thursday. You’ll never guess what happened next.

Friday afternoon when I was in slightly less pain (excluding the scratchy throat) I decided a night out to celebrate the end of language classes could not be missed. I was so right…

First we all got together outside the metro for some drinks, conversation, and a chance to meet whichever friends our classmates had brought. This is not something I could ever do at home; mostly due to the public-alcohol-consumption. So after this pleasant evening we all went to go dancing at a random bar. As I said, the night was totally a good idea. Everyone dancing together, singing along and having fun taking over the dance floor.

Wine. Straight from the fountain and into your cup

I mean the night was worth it, until Sunday morning. I woke up with no voice.

Seriously, I found it hard enough to communicate here with a voice, now I felt lousy again and was unable to even ask for help or whatever. So I spent that night home… So that I could go to the Vine Festival on Sunday.

With no voice, dosed up on throat lozenges and pain killers, I went to meet my friends Sunday morning for a day of drinking. They laughed laughed when I failed in my attempts to say ‘ciao’.

I could not talk to anyone, I could not tell anyone where I was when they called. I could not do anything. Not even tell the nice people my name to tick off the list as we all boarded the bus…

But whatever, I got to drink wine instead of water from a fountain. I almost got crushed by brawling men. I got to laugh at any friends that had a little too much to drink. I also got to see white shirts turn pink throughout the day with the evidence of red-wine fights. That is how cheap the stuff is!

Although I felt less than 100% yesterday, and my throat killed after any prolonged attempts at conversation. As much fun as I have already had on this continent and as bad as I feel today because of yesterday’s escapades… I had a blast, and it was totally worth it!

I guess to moral of the story here is either:

a) When you are sick, take a break and give your body time to actually recover; OR

b) When in Rome (or any other awesome non-stop place) participate in every activity you are physically able to, because you the fun doesn’t stop.

I guess it is up to individual opinion as to which is the best advice, but I know which I live by!

Would you drink that?

** The pictures in this post are from the wine festival. They can not even begin to indicate how awesome that day was **

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