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A quiet week in the Netherlands…

  Well after more than two months in Utrecht finally I have had a relatively uneventful week. We are reaching the end of our first block in the semester so it is assessment time which means this week we have … Continue reading

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The details make the difference

Again, I realise I have been so carried away with all the crazy things going on that I hadn’t written in a while. However, I have constantly found myself in the last 2 weeks having very reflective thoughts and conversations, … Continue reading

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Whatever will be will be

It seems that my time so far in Krakow has been a sort of blur. Day by day i would go out to Stare Miasto, look at the fairy tale like image in front of me and continue my day sightseeing or … Continue reading

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Over Halfway

This post won’t be as long as my others, but I just want to briefly talk about being over halfway through the semester here! Time certainly flies when you’re having fun! Before I left, people would often say that it … Continue reading

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What happens in Majorca stays in Majorca

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The 10th of October 2011 was a typical day in my new home of Krakow. The weather was overcast and was not particularly cold until a gush of wind whooshes up behind you and sends a chill throughout your entire body. That … Continue reading

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  I have to say, since coming to Utrecht I think I have done a lot of growing up and am becoming very independent (as pretentious as that sounds). It may sound lame but little things like fixing the light … Continue reading

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Dale goes to Belgium (aka: War is bad)

26 September 2011 I’m writing this blog entry on the train back from Brussels. I feel that it is important to note that because it’s a stark improvement on previous locations. If I noted the various locations where blogposts have … Continue reading

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Individual results may vary

22 September 2011 The past two weeks have been astounding. Feeling the elevator fall from my honeymoon period and coming to the realisation that isn’t a holiday, but rather my new home is kind of shocking. Well, home for six … Continue reading

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The Bike

17 September 2011 Despite many daily items being cheaper in the Netherlands, one thing which certainly isn’t is public transport. It’s not just the having to pay 3.75 Euros to go like 5 kilometres which bothers me; it’s the entire … Continue reading

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Learning to walk

5 September 2011 I have been hit by the cruelest jet lag, but hopefully i’m over it now. It has prevented me from basically living after 9 at night. When I say 9 at night here, I really mean 9 … Continue reading

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