1 Month till the Netherlands!!!!!!

Note: I wrote this 1 month and 18 days ago. I thought it’s be nice for you all to see my thoughts before going into this exchange and it is a good introductory blog.

Hi Lovely People!!!

I never thought I would be doing this… writing a blog about myself. I never thought it would be interesting for other people to read about my life. I don’t think I’m that interesting and I figured if you want to know about my thoughts you could just ask me. As a condition of my exchange I’m required to keep a blog so here’s to conforming to modern times! (But no, I will not be buying an iPhone no matter how useful they are!).

I’ll try and look at this optimistically if I can help anyone learn something or see something a different way I will consider this blog a success. I’ve been battling with how to write this blog. Option 1 was to create this whole different online persona; unfortunately I lack the creative writing skills to pull that off successful. My second reason for not taking that option is more of a personal reason rather than a practical inability to do so. That is I’m rather happy with the type of person I am today and I figure why hide behind someone I’m not? I think too many people as it is hide who they truly are and I for one appreciate the genuine people in my life. So as I’m sure you (my perceptive readers) would have guessed I didn’t choose option 1 instead I went with honesty (hell it’d be nice to have some of it in the world even if it is just on my little blog!) to just present my thoughts, ideas and personality verbatim… this is who I am.

I’m a 3rd year Law student studying at Flinders University in South Australia on top of that degree I’m also studying a Bachelor of Languages (Italian and French) but yes I am about to spend 6 months in the Netherlands where the native language is Dutch. So here’s to crossing borders and immersing myself in a culture I presently know nothing about (other than what Wikipedia tells me). As you have probably realised I am having great difficulty writing this. I’m a 3rd year Law student! We don’t write about our feelings and our personal opinions. We write reasoned arguments (or at least try to) whether we believe in that argument or not. It appears that this blog may teach me a thing or two about myself …. you know being forced to reflect on my thoughts and everything. Having to translate my thoughts out of “Hannah Language” and into something someone other than my family and closest friends can understand.

I’m not worried or nervous about this exchange in the slightest. In fact this exchange could not have come at a better time. Having grown up moving from town to town never being in one place for more than 3 years I am well over due for a change of lifestyle. I get bored in one place easily. I have been in Adelaide just over 5 years now and half way through a marathon of a double degree. I am so glad this opportunity has come at this time in my life. I was starting to get the “same thing different day” attitude about life and that’s a dangerous place emotionally to be at. I think when we get this attitude we need to be pro-active and make things change. I really don’t mean to sound like a wise old woman or be channelling the voice of Obama. I am only 20 and in 3 months time I could realise what I am saying here is incredibly naïve.  I just want to urge people if you’re bored with your job (as an example it could be anything even study) seriously change it! That does over simplify it as you will apply for things and get rejected (if you’re anything like me) but you just need to be persistent.

People think that I got this exchange simply because I’m lucky or because I’m smarter than them. That isn’t the case. I have applied for so many things and been rejected but just kept applying it’s the law of averages (I had to get something eventually) and I am just so happy it was this exchange. In year 12 I learnt that hard work and dedication is what makes you achieve your dreams. University has taught me persistence gives you opportunities and gets you one step closer to those dreams.

I really have no idea what to expect when I arrive at Utrecht University. I have moved around a lot in my life and although cultures are different everywhere I have found that people are generally welcoming and kind. This view like many others could change as my young 20 year old mind is by no means cynical or bitter towards people. I do not want to mislead people at all in saying that because I do not have this flowery picture of the world where everywhere is like the land of milk and honey. I am sceptical about many things… but not cynical. I feel it is important I draw that distinction.

Well that’s my first blog done. I realise it isn’t great but I think it is a solid pass at least for a first attempt. Stick with me guys I’m a fast learner hopefully I’ll get better at this! But that’s all for now folks! Please come again! Peace out!

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