Welcome to the ‘Border Crossings’ website!

This is an exciting project, that brings together 4 Australian and 4 European Universities. The project allows 64 students and 40 Faculty members to do an exchange overseas.

You can follow the students’ blog and read about their experiences from exchanges in Australia and Europe 2011-2013.

The project is now finished and this website function as a source of information and the blog might inspire other students to undertake an exchange abroad, or provide useful information on the different study destination.


7 Responses to Welcome to the ‘Border Crossings’ website!

  1. Sajid Ali Khan says:

    Its a great project for its usefulness and broadness of the concept.

  2. Hasib Ahmed says:

    This is an important project to work on in a global level.

  3. Hannah says:

    Hey Everyone!
    I’m the student from FLinders University heading to Utrecht University in less than a month now. Still can’t believe I am going but I am very excited. Looking forward to meeting you all. Watch this space for blogs.
    See you soon,

    • Anna Singhateh says:

      Hi Hannah!
      Thanks for posting and sorry for the late reply. Here in Malmö we just finished the introduction programme for all new students, including the 4 BC-students. Good luck with your studies in Utrecht. I will contact you shortly with instructions on how to start blogging!
      Best, Anna Singhateh at Malmö University

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