Weekly video update by the Dean

This week, the Dean informs about the decision to let professor Per Jönsson and senior lecturer Pär Olsson at MTM proceed with preparing the application for research degree rights in applied physics.

Furthermore, the ERA19 site visit 27-28 November. Outlook invitations will be sent out to those who are called to meet with the external review panel.

Earlier this week, speaker of Riksdagen Andreas Norlén visited Malmö university as part of the celebration of 100 years of universal suffrage in Sweden.

The TS management group met to discuss the processes of course evaluations, course reports and course development.

This time of year the salaries are revised. Make sure to book your salary talk with your boss.

Weekly video update with the Dean

This week, the Dean has taken part in the TS fika, mingling together with TS students, staff and some 40 companies. Thanks to Dorota Gorna, Daniel Harju, Karin Fäldt and Joakim Cao for organising the TS-fika.

The Dean has also met with both the University board as well as with the vice chancellor and head of finance to follow up on the TS spending and recruitment according to budget. The main message is that everything is going according to plan.

If you have any ideas with regard to how the faculty and the institutions can develop, let the Dean know.

Professor of applied mathematics at MTM, Alexei Iantchenko, has recently entered a worldwide collaboration on research into cutting edge solutions in geophysical imaging and computational seismology called GMIG. See the map of the GMIG partner universities below or follow the link here.

Weekly video update with the Dean

TS faculty board met earlier this week and informed themselves of issues concerning for example the suggested new policy about how to become a docent, statistics about admission and number of applicants, evaluation of the engineer degree in computer science and mobile it, and discussion about the delegation of authority, the roles and mandates. 

In the coming weeks, the candidates for the position as Professor in Materials Science hold their trial lectures with a presentation of their academic background and envisaged development of research activities in the field of Materials Science at Malmö University.
See the details below. You are all very welcome to attend!

Wednesday, 18 September at 09-10 OR:E439 – Stefano Agnoli (on Skype)

Thursday, 19 September at 09-10 NI:B0E15 – Isabella Gallino

Friday, 20 September at 09-10 NI:A0406 – Maths Karlsson

Friday, 20 September at 13.15-14.15 NI:A0606 –  Samir Lounis

Tuesday, 24 September at 09-10  NI:B0E07 – Denis Music  

Wednesday, 25 September at 09-10 NI:A0306 – Mikhail Zheludkevich

Malmö University Library has been nominated for the prestigious prize of Swedish Library of the Year. Use your chance to vote for Library of the Year here https://dik.se/aretsbibliotek/ And do visit and make use of the university library!

Weekly video update with the Dean

Welcome to new senior lecturer in human computer interaction, Susanne Frennert, and new senior lecturer in physics, Hampus Nilsson!

On 18th September 13-15 in Niagara the annual TS-fika-mingle with students, staff and visiting companies will be held. For more information see https://mau.se/kalender/valkomna-pa-fakultetsminglet-ts-fika/

During the week 14-18th October Malmö University arranges the Annual Academic Celebration. The week ends with the Annual Academic Ceremony where Helena Holmström Olsson will be installed as a professor. She will give her installation lecture during Wednesday 16th October. For more information and sign up, see https://mau.se/en/about-us/Akademisk-hogtidsvecka-2019/ (svenska: ://mau.se/om-oss/akademisk-hogtidsvecka/ )

Women in technology- what is the problem? is a talk given at Storm on 19 September. Staff from TS will be in the panel and you are urged to participate. Sign up and more information here https://storm.mah.se/2019/kvinnor-inom-teknik-vad-ar-problemet/ .

Today at 15.00 there will be farewell cake for Rolf Axelsson at DVMT who will soon retire.

Weekly video update with the Dean

This week, the Dean encourages you to participate in the lunch seminars Global Corner to learn more about internationalisation. Find more information on the seminars here https://www.mah.se/Nyheter/Kalendern/Global-Corner–ett-nytt-forum-for-samtal-om-internationalisering-och-globalt-engagemang/

Further, you are encouraged to nominate suitable colleagues to the Award for Collaboration and the Award for Excellent Administrative Support. Both are awarded at the Annual Academic Ceremony on 18 October, and the deadline for nominations is 1 September. For more information regarding the Award for Collaboration see https://www.mah.se/medarbetare/Ledning-och-organisation/Sa-leds-Malmo-universitet/Beredningar/Radet-for-samverkan/Malmo-Universitys-Award-for-Collaboration/ and for the Award for Excellent Administrative Support https://www.mah.se/medarbetare/Ledning-och-organisation/Organisation1/Utmarkelsen-for-sarskilda-insatser-inom-stod-och-service/ .

Next week, Anton Tibblin is the guest in the Digipodd, and talks about flipped classroom och online educational resources. You find the pod here https://www.mah.se/medarbetare/Medarbetarnyheter/Medarbetarnyheter-2019/digipodd-anton-tibblin/

Suzan Boztepe is the TS representative in the nomination committee for the upcoming election of the university board.

And lastly, feel the joy of the building engineers after their boat building and sailing competition.

Weekly video update with the Dean

The Dean welcomes everybody back to a new term.

Cissi Ovesdotter Alm who recently arrived is welcome as a guest researcher at DVMT while on sabbathical from RIT (Rochester Institute of Technology). DVMT students Jonathan Kvist and Philip Ekholm participated in the 10 week research preparatory summer school at RIT and did some impressive projects. Contact Cissi at cecilia.ovesdotter-alm@mau.se for more info on her work and the summer school.

TS had an all staff competence development day on Monday, with topics such as student evaluation and course development as well as gender issues. Thanks to Bengt, Solveig-Karin and Åsa for arranging the day.

In the coming weeks the annual salary revision process will start. Also, TS is in the process of recruiting both a new Head of department at MTM and a Head of TS administration. Moreover, new members of teaching and research staff are being recruited as well.

Weekly video update with the Dean

This week, the Dean congratulates Steve for being promoted to senior lecturer in computer science. Also, congratulations to five new colleagues, and hopefully even a couple more, who will start after summer. Congratulations to Bato for receiving a grant from the Crafoord foundation and to Helena for receiving an extension for the Software Center research projects.

In a month, Malmö University will take part in the Pride parade. If you want to come along, meet at noon at Stortorget. To get a t-shirt to wear during the parade, sign up and pick your size here. 

Do read the Vice chancellor’s summer greeting here and for more from the Vice chancellor, read the rektorsbloggen .

Andreas, Ebba and Clara wishes you all a Glad sommar!


Weekly video update with the Dean and greetings from faculty board members

This week, the video update includes greetings from the three external members of the TS faculty board, Per Warfvinge, Elisabeth Brevenson and Maria Stellinger Ernblad. The board met earlier today and many of the items on their agenda are regarding the future, the future MAU campus, the future MAU educational offer,  and the future of TS with work to formulate a TS-vision.

Earlier this week, the dean made the decision to implement a mentoring programme for post doc-employees. For more information, read here (scroll down to page 3 for the guidelines in English).

Congratulations to Martin Berg for receiving a grant from Riksbankens Jubileumsfond!

Weekly video update with the Dean

This week, the Dean reports that the three master degree programs have been approved by the Program Committee and Johan Holmgren has received funding for research on stroke care.

The speech prepared for the TS summer dinner last night, is held in front of the camera for all of you to appreciate.

Thanks Kristina and Bengt for the graduation ceremony last week, and Åsa for the summer dinner arrangements.

PS How many times did you hear “superb”?

Weekly video update with the Dean

Yesterday, TS held the 2019 academic graduation ceremony for students who have completed bachelor and master degree programmes at TS. The graduation ceremony is one of the great opportunities to celebrate the students educated at TS. The Dean reports from the mingle at Orkanen just before the ceremony starts.

Also, the Dean reminds you of some important events that we are looking forward to next term, the TS competence development day on 19th August, the TS fika for students and staff 18th September, and the Teknikdagen where we invite pupils from nearby gymnasiums in November.


Weekly video update with the Dean


This week, five TS staff are celebrated and recognized with the Nit och redlighet i rikets tjänst (Zealous and Devoted Service of the Realm)

  • Yuanji Cheng
  • Per Jönsson
  • Stefan Gustafsson
  • Anna Råbe
  • Bo Peterson

The Dean congratulates them on serving the government for 30 years!

For the podcast on Malmö University in the forefront of digitalization, you may listen on https://malmouniversity.podbean.com/.

The podcast on the new web can be heard here

Weekly video update with the Dean

This week, the Dean reports on the hearings held on Monday and the quality dialogue held on Thursday. The vice chancellor made the point during the quality dialogue that the information from that meeting should leave the room and spread across the faculty, so do take a moment to view a summary. Further, the quality assurance document for research education has been updated.

Finally, some important upcoming events are

23 May – Data Society inaugurates their seminar series with a seminar on The politics of flow in our digital society

24 May – DVMT students exhibit their degree projects

28 May – IT and economy students have their degree conference (in addition to TS graduations being celebrated in the evening)

Weekly video update from the Dean

This week, the Dean informs about the first formal meeting of the faculty board. Andreas reminds you of the opportunity to nominate for the Stefan Bengtsson Research Leader Award (deadline 3 June, see your email) as well as the Pedagocial Price (deadline 20 June).

This week, Malmö university hosted visits by Pam Fredman from the STRUT-commission and Matilda Ernkrans, Minister of higher educaiton and research. Please study the STRUT Commission of Inquiry on Governance and Resources in Universities.


Weekly video update from the Dean

This week, the Dean gives a short report from his North American tour as well as from the TS LGmax-management meeting where course evaluation, Canvas and the new faculty board where some of the items discussed. If you want to share any input with the Canvas team, please contact Jörgen Ekman at jorgen.ekman@mau.se.

Two dates to save: 28th May for the TS graduation ceremony and 4 June for the TS summer dinner.

Weekly video – from the student union representative

This week, the TS student union representative, Mladen Dimitrov, tells about three aspects of student influence

  • course evaluations, where he suggests three ways of qualitative and qualitative improvement; making sure students know that the course evaluations are anonymous, filling in the forms in class, and teacher explaining the questions in class
  • programme representatives
  • Students Rights and Obligations (SRS)

Unfortunately, embedding the video was impossible this week, and not even the best efforts of experienced web publishing teachers could help, so click the picture of Mladen or this link to watch this very seeworthy vlogg https://vimeo.com/324219900 .




Weekly video update from the Dean

This week, Viktoria Klingenfors is the special guest in the Dean’s sofa due to the newly launched A-Z teacher guide in educational administration. The A-Z offers concise information on various important course administrative aspects that teachers should be familiar with. The teacher guide is also complemented by the TS-utbildning-calendar that you can implement into your own outlook calendar to know all the important deadlines in terms of educational administration.

You find the A-Z and link to the calendar on the TS staff pages here. Any feedback can be sent to viktoria.klingenfors@mau.se. Big thanks to the TS kansli for this initiative!

Next week, the Dean will visit partner universities in the US, and the vice dean, Bengt J Nilsson, will be in charge in Andreas’ absence.

The Software Center, a research center where TS is part, recently received the prestigious 2019 Distingushed Synergy Awared by the IEEE Technical Council on Software Engineering.

Operators in tasks of written examinations

Today during lunch, Dr. phil. Marcel Köhler from Dresden Technical University held a pedagogical seminar on operators in tasks of written examinations, as announced in this blog last week.

The TS teachers who attended asked for the presentation to be shared with them and suggested that all should get to access the interesting presentation. The presentation held by dr. Köhler can be found here.