Proposals for Rudolf W. Palm grant by 5 April

The Rudolf W. Palm Foundation was one of the funds transferred from Lund University to Malmö University in conjunction with the new university status. The criteria for receiving Rudolf W Palm Foundation funding are strongly aligned with education at the Faculty of Technology and Society and any purposes that are prioritised by the faculty management. The Faculty Dean would like to see proposals to be submitted to the grant committee for consideration. The grant total is SEK 50 000 for 2020.

Employees at the Faculty of Science and Technology are welcome to send proposals to their Head of Department. The proposal should include the aim of the proposed project and how it will be of importance to the faculty, the main-applicant and co-applicants, as well as an overview of how any funds will be spent.

Please send your proposals to your Head of Department, Katja Frid (after 1 March, and Mats Persson before end of February) at MTM or Bo Peterson at DVMT, no later than Sunday, 5 April 2020.

Previous years, the Rudolf W. Palm grant has been awarded to the following projects:

2019 Portable telescope for education and collaboration and Vertically Integrated Projekt: Establishing VIP teams at Malmö University

2018 Vault! Learning through creativity: a parkour based educational model and application.

2017 Towards a pervasive gamified learning system for increasing student engagement and lowering the dropout rate in Computer Science

2016 Light microscope

Weekly video update with the Dean

This week, the Dean informs you about some issues from the Faculty Board meeting. Kristina Allder is new as teacher representative and Mats Syde as union representative in the board. The chair of the Faculty Board, Per Warfvinge, was assigned to initiate an external review of the possibilities for establishing civilingenjörsutbildning at Malmö university. This is a question of great importance for TS and more information will follow.

Further, the board was informed of the financial result of 2019, where TS had a negative result of -3,9 million SEK. The main reason for the negative numbers is unforeseen increases in costs related to teacher overtime, student assistants and booked classrooms. Further analysis will be done to ensure that the right measures can be taken for this years budget.

Please remember that you should unbook any un-needed classrooms two weeks in advance. So if you have booked a classroom in Kronox, and you find that it is no longer needed, do unbook it to avoid the cost and to free the room for other users.

Also, remember to update your IdService contact information, find it here . Make sure your contact information, such as office room number, is correct.

In order to find the right classroom, auditorium, office or meeting room, try to use Mazemap. You can also use Mazemap to indicate a location and send a link to someone. Link to Mazemap for Universitetsholmen campus area,55.609587&zoom=15.5&campusid=94 . Link to Mazemap for Sjukhusområdet campus area,55.586327&zoom=14.7&campusid=95

For the Malmö University’s annual ceremony, we are now welcoming proposals for honorary doctor 2020. An honorary doctorate is an expression of the faculty’s appreciation of outstanding efforts within any of the faculty’s areas. This can apply to both research efforts relevant to the faculty and to recognition and visibility of ongoing or future valuable collaborations. Furthermore, it can be about academic efforts as well as recognition for people working outside the academy. See the email from Susanne Lundborg for further details, and send your nominations to her.

There is a new I digitaliseringens framkant podcast available, and this time Susanne Frennert tells about the use of robots in health care . Listen here .

Weekly video update with the Dean

A reminder to all course responsible teachers, do send your course reports to the study administration. Course evaluations and course reports are integral to our quality enhancement model.

TS has recruited the first ever full professor, in this case in materials science. We welcome Mikhail Zheludkevich to start his appointment at TS. Thanks to head of MTM, Mats Persson, Professor Thomas Arnebrant at HS, and the TS appointment board for their work on this recruitment.

Save the date 30th September for the TS competence development day, and don’t forget to sign up for the TS book release party of 26 February. See your calendar invitations.

Next week, among all our activities, there will be a meeting of the Faculty Board as well as an external review dialogue meeting for the BSc degree programmes in Media Technology.

Weekly video update with the Dean

This week, the Dean asks all of you to contact your head of department when you encounter negative consequences of the days of IT-problems.

The TS economy for 2019 seems to be mostly in balance. The university has a result of -2,9 million SEK, compared to the annual turnover of 1,7 billion SEK. For TS, the result -3,9 million SEK, where 2,7 million is education related and 1,2 million is research related. Annual manpower of MAU has increased by +54,9 during 2019, and roughly 20% of that manpower is employed at TS. The level of approvals for research applications for MAU was 20% for 2019, and 27% the year before.

TS decision meetings continue to sign off research applications, in total ten so far, and at least three more on Monday.

Both UN and FFN, the boards for education and for research and doctoral education, had their constitutional meetings this week. Follow this link to read the minutes when they are published .

Student recruitment films on a number of our degree programmes are currently in production by our new media producers. Follow the MAU channel and that important part of our student recruitment strategy here

Weekly update with the Dean

The book “Teknik och samhälle – de första tjugo åren”, with the history of the 20 first years of TS, will be launched on 26 February. Invitations to the book release party will be sent by e-mail soon.

At the university, there is currently a process for aligning administrative support functions better to the faculties and departments to improve their services to education and research. More information will follow.

On the Dean’s decision meetings there are every week important decisions taken, for example approving research grant applications such as this week’s Robocare project. Please follow the decisions on the updated webpages, in Swedish here and in English here. On the Swedish site, you can see dates for meetings and deadlines and procedures for submitting items, as well as past decisions taken.

This week, top candidates for the position as new head of administration at TS have been interviewed. The candidates have a very high level and good merits, and we are happy to be an attractive employer. When the recruitment process is concluded, of course you will be informed of the result.

Next week, the new FFN (board of research and doctoral education) will convene for the first time. Among other items, they will appoint their vice-chair as well as representative to the central MAU board for research and doctoral education.

Weekly video update from the Dean

The two year traning programme for research leaders will start after summer and is now open for applications, with deadline 1 February. See application instructions and more information here.

The Dean is still open for your ideas on how to develop the faculty and its operations and in particular in regard to collaboration with LTH.

Please be reminded of the recent email from Bengt J Nilsson regarding nominations of really good degree theses for scholarships. The deadline for nominations sent to Bengt is 10 February, see more information here.

The MAU admission board consists of members from all the faculties and the Dean will soon nominate representatives from TS. The admission board makes decisions in questions related to admission for the MAU educational offer on pre-university, bachelor and master levels. If you are interested in working with the development of the MAU admission processes, please contact your head of department. For more information, see here.

As one of the first decisions this decade, the Dean approved to open a PhD position in digitalization of higher education institutions. Please spread this in your network to help ensure we have qualified applicants. The ad is posted here (link updated).

Please enjoy, and spread, the new recruitment film for the two year Strategic Media Development programme admitting students for the first time ahead of the autumn term 2020.

Weekly video update by the Dean, Christmas Special

This week, the Dean does some julpyssel and makes a DIY Christmas gift of the year, namely a mobile box, a cell phone nursery. For DIY instructions, follow the steps in the vlogg. For more information on the Christmas gift of the year, read at the HUI research institute .

Håkan Wernersson, lecturer in material science at MTM, and his company Akoustos, has recently launched a new invention, a screw that sucks up 87% of the sound and noise that travels through ceilings and roofs in homes and houses. Read more about this new invention in the engineering magazine Ny Teknik

The TS administration and Dean’s office has moved back to the newly renovated 5th floor. You are welcome by with questions, comments and Christmas greetings!

Pär Olsson, docent and senior lecturer in materials science at MTM, has received a grant from KKS, the Knowledge Foundation, for a biträdande lektor.

Even Yuanji Cheng, docent and senior lecturer in statistical mathematics at MTM, has received funding from KKS.

Åse Jevinger, senior lecturer at DVMT, has received a large grant from the National Research Center for Public Transports, K2, with funding over three years to research integrated and adaptive public transport of the future.

Thomas Pederson, professor at DVMT, José Font, senior lecturer at DVMT, and guest researcher Cissi Ovesdotter Alm, based on DVMT while on sabbatical from RIT, has received a Stint initiation grant to boost collaboration and exchange for PhD students in Malmö and Rochester.

The Dean wishes all of you a merry, relaxing, unplugged Christmas!

Weekly video update with the Pro Dean

This week, TS pro dean Bengt J Nilsson summarises the programme dialogues held October through November. The programme dialogues are an integral part of the quality framework for education on bachelor and master level, and form an important input to the quality dialogues held at both faculty and department levels during spring. Do listen through this video to get a sense of all the important issues that have been covered during the many programme dialogues these recent months.

Also, the date for the TS graduation ceremony, the end of year celebration, is set to 28th May. Save the date already, and more information will follow soon.

Weekly video update by the Dean

This week, the TS Faculty Board convened and among the decisions taken were the approval of the operational plans for the departments for 2020-2022. Also, preparations for the new governance model starting 1 January 2020 were done, such as appointing members to the Education Board (UN) and Research and Research Education Board (FFN). These boards will operate on the mandate of the Faculty Board from 1 January 2020.

UN will deal with aspects of education and education quality and in particular courses, course plans and education plans. Pro dean Bengt J. Nilsson will chair the board, and the teacher representatives will be Yujing Li and Ulf Hejman representing MTM, and Gion Koch Svedberg and Sara Leckner representing DVMT. The heads of MTM and DVMT will also appoint one person each with management responsibilities for education. Further, Bengt will represent TS in the MAU council for education.

With regard to FFN, the board will deal with aspects of research and research education and quality related issues, in particular research education courses and their course plans. Dean Andreas Jacobsson will chair the board, and the teacher representatives will be Alexei Iantchenko and Martin Fisk representing MTM, and Paul Davidsson and Martin Berg representing DVMT. The heads of MTM and DVMT will also appoint one person each with management responsibilities for research. Further, the vice chair of FFN will represent TS in the MAU council for research and research education.

The Dean has signed an exchange agreement with University Politecnico di Milano and also a major research application by Paul Davidsson and Reza Malekian at DVMT.

Weekly video update by the Dean

This week, TS had a visit by the panel of the ERA19 (external research assessment) and many researchers were interviewed. Thanks to all who contributed and special thanks to Paul Davidsson for the TS coordination, to Romina Spalazzese for DVMT coordination and to Per Jönsson for MTM coordination. When the final assessment is given in February, we will continue to talk about our research strategy.

Annabella Loconsole has been appointed chair of the TS international council and to represent TS in the MAU Council for global engagement. Among other things, she will lead the discussions on the TS strategy for internationalisation.

The new head of department at MTM will be Katja Fridh, currently senior lecturer and docent in construction engineering at LTH. She will start at MTM on 1st March 2020. Big thanks to the recruitment committee.

Weekly video update with the Dean

In this weeks video update with the Dean, you get to briefly meet the new head of TS administration, Suzanne Jacobsson. Also, the Dean reminds you of the TS Teknikdagen next week where high school students will visit and be inspired by lectures by Kristina Allder, Henrik Hartman and Susanne Frennert, and more. Full programme here.

Two more upcoming events is the lunch seminar on 28th November with Miljöbron and the TS Christmas mingle and dinner on 5th December. For information on how to sign up, see calendar invitations in outlook.

Statistics of applications for the spring term is available and we see that Malmö university has a reduction in number of applicants, despite a slight increase in the country as a whole. We need to analyse why we are less attractive among students. Nevertherless, the TS course in C# Programming in Swedish is the one with most applicants, almost 900, and the English version of the same course is among the top three.

The chair of the committee for research education, professor Lars Plantin, has recently presented an overview of the PhD courses at the university. Doctor Åse Jevinger, director of research studies at TS, is the vice chair of a committee working on a university portal of the PhD courses offered.

Associate Professor Martin Berg has released a book, “Imagining Personal Data — Experiences of Self-Tracking”, co-authored with Vaike Fors, Sarah Pink, and Tom O’Dell. For more information, see .

Weekly video update with the Dean

This week, the Dean sums up the awards received by TS staff in connection with the Annual Academic Ceremony last week. Big congratulations to Anton Tibblin who won the Pedagogical Award, to Carl Magnus Olsson who won the Stefan Bengtsson Research Leader Award, and Samuele Sottile who won a PhD travel grant. Also, congratulations to Helena Holmström Olsson who was installed as a professor in computer science.

TS has entered into agreement with Miljöbron Skåne to help connect us and our students with companies in the regions to enable students to do project courses and degree thesis projects together. For more information, attend the seminar to be arranged by Niclas Andersson within short.

Thanks to Bo Peterson, DVMT, Anders Fyhn, ARM and two TS students for arranging the Ada Lovelace day, see a film from the event below.

As next week is höstlov, there will be no video update and also expect the university buildings to be slightly quieter than usual, although students will study as hard as always.

Weekly Video Update by the Dean

This week, the TS Faculty Board met and among other items, it decided on the general mandates and design of the new Board for Education and Board for Research and Research Education. At the next meeting in December, the specific mandate will be defined as well as who will be members of the boards.

Thanks to student representative Mladen, TS will have a strengthened student representation with six new TS students where some of them will be part of the two new boards.

Moreover, the Faculty Board discussed the admittance of new docents and operational plans for the two departments. This correlates with the program dialogues as well as department dialogues and faculty dialogues taking place in the coming weeks.

This week Helena Holmström Olsson will be installed by the vice chancellor. She appeared in the Sydsvenskan earlier this week .

Also, Kristian Stålne of MTM, was in Sydsvenskan this week, see .

The vice chancellor has agreed to co-finance research equipment for advanced material science experiments, so called MBE which means molecular beam epitaxy. The equipment will be used at Forskaren, and will complement the instruments at MAX IV and ESS in Lund and thus strengthen collaboration and sustain access to those facilities. For more information on the MBE, talk to Lindsay Merte.

Weekly video update by the Dean

On Tuesday October 15 at the ground level in Niagara, Malmö University is launching Open Day Master’s Fair, a new initiative to showcase the University’s master’s programs. Come by between 11-15. More information:

Studentcentrum is organizing a half day seminar on preparing high school students for college/university education on November 7. For more information or sign up, see–en-seminariehalvdag/

TS Christmas party will be on Thursday 5 December – save the date! More information will follow.

The Dean will meet with the vice chancellor of LTH, Lund Faculty of Engineering, next week. If you have any ideas of issues to discuss or for collaboration between LTH and TS, let Andreas know.

The evaluation of the MAU administration and services, GV (gemensamt verksamhetsstöd) was presented last week. Very timely, the new head of administration at TS, Suzanne Jacobsson will start working 4 November, and will be an integral part of shaping the future administrative support for TS. To read the GV-evaluation and see the presentation, see .

Maria Engberg invited VIP founder Ed Coyle from Georgia Institute of Technology and Stephen Marshall from University of Strathclyde, heading the first VIP-programme in Europe, to Malmö university for an inspiring seminar. MAU is launching its first VIP courses, see here What would you do if you had a VIP-team?

Weekly video update

One of the overarching goals for Malmö University as expressed in Strategy 2022 is “Long-term, nationally and internationally outstanding research which, together with doctoral education, consitutes one third of the university’s activities” . Therefore, this week, TS contact person at the Research Service office, Johan Alling, presents what the Research Service offers in terms of support to researchers.

Research Service services include

  • General information about sponsors and announcements
  • Support and advice during the application process
  • Arrangement of seminars and courses
  • Information on research funding
  • Research Professional – help you find funding opportunities and news all over the world
  • Financial advice
  • Arrangement of language reviews
  • Legal advice and ethical testing
  • Advice about ethical testing
  • Weekly newsletter

For further information and contact details, read more here .

Enjoy the cinnamon roll day!

Weekly video update by the Dean

This week, the Dean informs about the decision to let professor Per Jönsson and senior lecturer Pär Olsson at MTM proceed with preparing the application for research degree rights in applied physics.

Furthermore, the ERA19 site visit 27-28 November. Outlook invitations will be sent out to those who are called to meet with the external review panel.

Earlier this week, speaker of Riksdagen Andreas Norlén visited Malmö university as part of the celebration of 100 years of universal suffrage in Sweden.

The TS management group met to discuss the processes of course evaluations, course reports and course development.

This time of year the salaries are revised. Make sure to book your salary talk with your boss.