Weekly video update from the Dean

This week, the Dean informs about the decision not to admit any students for the application development degree programme this fall as well as the pilot project to implement digital written examinations at Malmö university. See more about the digitalization initiative in English here https://digi.mau.se/wiki/The_Digitalization_Initiative and in Swedish and listen to the podd  https://www.mah.se/medarbetare/Ledning-och-organisation/Projekt/Verksamhetsutveckling/Digitalisering/.

Also, the Dean warns that due to building glass walls, both DVMT and MTM office spaces will be rather messy in the coming months. Finally, suggest your candidate for an honorary doctorate by 25 March, to be celebrated in October, and nominate for the alumni of the year by 1 April, to be celebrated on the TS graduation ceremony on 28th May


Weekly video update from the Dean

In this week’s update, the Dean informs about a meeting held with teachers of local high schools to discuss the transition from being a high school pupil to becoming a university student. Also, he reports that TS reached the goal for the assigned educational target securing the same level of government funding in the coming years. TS has sent in total five applications to the Crafoord foundation, Mats Persson should be credited along with the researchers mentioned in the vlog. On Monday, the post graduate school on data driven systems, DDS, kicked off, and next Friday, Helena Holmström Olsson will hold her installation lecture as full professor (see blog post below). Last, and perhaps least, there is lego in NIB0501.

International Women’s Day – celebrate 100 years of universal suffrage

Genusvetenskapliga kollegiet invites you to celebrate the International Women’s Day with an open lecture about the 100 year celebration of universal suffrage in Sweden based on an antology
”Rösträttens Århundrande” (Century of Suffrage). Three of the authors will present their contributions, Ulrika Holgersson, Ulla Manns och Emma Severinsson.

The lecture will be held 8 March 13:15-15:00 in D222, Orkanen. Sign up by email to Despina.tzimoula@mau.se

After the lecture, there will be a reception with snacks and bubbles.

For more information see poster here and the MAU calendar event.

Other events by the Genusvetenskapliga kollegiet during spring 2019:

12 februari: Workshop: ”Genusflum, ovetenskapligt, feminazis – hatet har många namn”, kl. 13.15-16.00, Niagara A0307.

9 april, kl 12:15-14:00 OR: C232. Contesting borders through queer transnational solidarity: the case of Barents Pride

Vi bjuder på lunchmacka! Anmälan till erika.svedberg@mau.se  senast måndag 29 mars.

7 maj kl 12:15-14:00, sal: OR: B230a  Sara Kalm: Om akademiskt hushållsarbete och dess fördelning. (Artikel cirkuleras vid anmälning)

 Vi bjuder på lunchmacka! Anmälan till erika.svedberg@mau.se

21/5 Möte genusvetenskapliga kollegiet. Tina Askanius talar om #metoo-debatten i Sverige och i Danmark. Kl. 8.30 Frukostmacka, 9.00 – 10.00 Möte. Sal: OR:F409. Anmälan görs till despina.tzimoula@mau.se

Weekly video update from Team TS at Georgia Tech

This week’s vlog features Team TS visiting Georgia Tech in Atlanta where head of DVMT Bo Peterson and head of MTM Mats Persson along with academic international coordinator Zahra Ghaffari and administrative international coordinator Martin Andersson as well as teachers Maria Engberg, Steve Dahlskog and Johan Holmgren have been to discuss student exchange opportunities and VIP (vertically integrated projects).

More information about Georgia Tech here https://www.gatech.edu and about the VIP here http://www.vip.gatech.edu/teams

You can also look at the travel report here https://mau.box.com/s/pejj14j3bogm2autoci2dzpybvjqt9xz