Weekly video update with the Dean

This week, the Dean asks all of you to contact your head of department when you encounter negative consequences of the days of IT-problems.

The TS economy for 2019 seems to be mostly in balance. The university has a result of -2,9 million SEK, compared to the annual turnover of 1,7 billion SEK. For TS, the result -3,9 million SEK, where 2,7 million is education related and 1,2 million is research related. Annual manpower of MAU has increased by +54,9 during 2019, and roughly 20% of that manpower is employed at TS. The level of approvals for research applications for MAU was 20% for 2019, and 27% the year before.

TS decision meetings continue to sign off research applications, in total ten so far, and at least three more on Monday.

Both UN and FFN, the boards for education and for research and doctoral education, had their constitutional meetings this week. Follow this link to read the minutes when they are published https://medarbetare.mau.se/ledning-och-organisation/organisation/fakulteten-for-teknik-och-samhalle/ .

Student recruitment films on a number of our degree programmes are currently in production by our new media producers. Follow the MAU channel and that important part of our student recruitment strategy here https://www.youtube.com/user/MalmoUniversity.

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