Weekly update with the Dean

The book “Teknik och samhälle – de första tjugo åren”, with the history of the 20 first years of TS, will be launched on 26 February. Invitations to the book release party will be sent by e-mail soon.

At the university, there is currently a process for aligning administrative support functions better to the faculties and departments to improve their services to education and research. More information will follow.

On the Dean’s decision meetings there are every week important decisions taken, for example approving research grant applications such as this week’s Robocare project. Please follow the decisions on the updated webpages, in Swedish here and in English here. On the Swedish site, you can see dates for meetings and deadlines and procedures for submitting items, as well as past decisions taken.

This week, top candidates for the position as new head of administration at TS have been interviewed. The candidates have a very high level and good merits, and we are happy to be an attractive employer. When the recruitment process is concluded, of course you will be informed of the result.

Next week, the new FFN (board of research and doctoral education) will convene for the first time. Among other items, they will appoint their vice-chair as well as representative to the central MAU board for research and doctoral education.

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