Weekly Video Update by the Dean

This week, the TS Faculty Board met and among other items, it decided on the general mandates and design of the new Board for Education and Board for Research and Research Education. At the next meeting in December, the specific mandate will be defined as well as who will be members of the boards.

Thanks to student representative Mladen, TS will have a strengthened student representation with six new TS students where some of them will be part of the two new boards.

Moreover, the Faculty Board discussed the admittance of new docents and operational plans for the two departments. This correlates with the program dialogues as well as department dialogues and faculty dialogues taking place in the coming weeks.

This week Helena Holmström Olsson will be installed by the vice chancellor. She appeared in the Sydsvenskan earlier this week https://www.sydsvenskan.se/2019-10-15/fest-i-en-vecka-nar-malmo-universitet-installerar-nio-nya .

Also, Kristian Stålne of MTM, was in Sydsvenskan this week, see https://www.sydsvenskan.se/2019-10-15/en-allt-komplexare-varld-staller-krav-pa-okad-mognad .

The vice chancellor has agreed to co-finance research equipment for advanced material science experiments, so called MBE which means molecular beam epitaxy. The equipment will be used at Forskaren, and will complement the instruments at MAX IV and ESS in Lund and thus strengthen collaboration and sustain access to those facilities. For more information on the MBE, talk to Lindsay Merte.

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