Weekly video update with the Dean

This week, the Dean has taken part in the TS fika, mingling together with TS students, staff and some 40 companies. Thanks to Dorota Gorna, Daniel Harju, Karin Fäldt and Joakim Cao for organising the TS-fika.

The Dean has also met with both the University board as well as with the vice chancellor and head of finance to follow up on the TS spending and recruitment according to budget. The main message is that everything is going according to plan.

If you have any ideas with regard to how the faculty and the institutions can develop, let the Dean know.

Professor of applied mathematics at MTM, Alexei Iantchenko, has recently entered a worldwide collaboration on research into cutting edge solutions in geophysical imaging and computational seismology called GMIG. See the map of the GMIG partner universities below or follow the link here.

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