Weekly video – Quality Assurance Framework

This week, Jörgen Ivarsson, TS quality coordinator, explains the MAU Quality Assurance Framework for education at bachelor and master level. The video is in Swedish and below is a summary in English.

The university has established a Quality Assurance Framework for Bachelor’s and Master’s Education. In this document, seven components of quality assurance work are pointed out.

1 The first component and probably most important is the work done by the teaching staff, the course coordinator and program coordinator within the course and program, the work together with student representatives in the Program Council, the continuous development, the reviewing and revision of syllabi.

2 The second component is closely related to the first one, it is the course evaluation system with student questionnaires and compiling, writing and publishing a course reports for each course.

3 As component three we have the dialogue structure. Every year each program coordinator meets with the vice dean and head of department in a quality dialogue (also called program dialogue). One important purpose is to discuss and follow up the quality assurance work in the program. A few month after this, there are quality dialogues between the department and the faculty, and after this, there are quality dialogues between the faculty (dean) and the university (vice chancellor). With this dialogue structure, quality issues can be discussed and followed up on different levels in the organization. The quality dialogues at faculty and university level also include doctoral education and research. These dialogues of course gives important input to the departments work with budget, operational plan, recruitment plan, and risk analysis.

4 Component four. The Quality Forum is an MAU conference held at least once a year for everyone with interests in quality issues,

to share good examples and information with colleagues from other faculties.

5 Component five is the process for establishing new programs and new main fields of studies. A new program and a new main field of studies has to be approved and established by the vice-chancellor. The faculty board can apply for this through a step 1- and a step 2-application.

6 Component six. The university regularly conduct student- and alumni surveys as a basis and support for development, review and revisory work.

7 The seventh quality assurance component is external review. Each program is reviewed externally every six years by a assessment panel. The basis for the external review is a self-assessment written by the program together with eight randomly selected degree projects.


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