Time to nominate candidates to the new Faculty Board

The mandate for the current Faculty Board is coming to an end and a new one will be elected. This coincides with Malmö University’s new university regulation (arbetsordning), which means that the Faculty Board will have a changed and expanded mandate. The new Faculty Board will be appointed for the term 2019-04-01 through 2022-03-31. All TS faculty staff may nominate members to the new board before December 11.

The Nomination Committee, charged with collecting nominations, is comprised of Sara Leckner (chair), Carl-Johan Orre and Henrik Hartman.

Staff nominations of candidates

The Nomination Committee currently accept proposals for both internal and external members to the Faculty Board. The proposed members can be another person as well as oneself.

The nomination deadline is December 11, 2018. Suggestions, including name and a short description should be submitted through this online form or by paper through Sara Leckner’s internal mailbox. Nominations of several candidates can be made by submitting the form several times. As the total number of nominations for a candidate will guide and facilitate the work of appointing the new Faculty Board, the Nomination Committee asks that as many staff members as possible nominate their candidate(s).

Faculty Board composition

The TS Faculty Board should consist of 13 members, according to the following distribution:  

  • 6 teachers from TS of which one is an adjunct
  • 1 teacher from another faculty at Malmö University
  • 3 external members
  • 2 student representatives
  • Dean

TS Faculty members will elect the first 3 categories, and the student board elects the student representatives.

Task of the Faculty Board

The new board will strengthened mandate, including:

  • The Faculty’s internal organization and possible common priorities
  • Institutions’ business plans (annual)
  • The Faculty’s principles for allocating state funding (education / research)
  • The Faculty’s budget (in the form of budgeted income statement)
  • Basic education and advanced level incl. proposal to the Vice-Chancellor to set up and complete programs and main area at the basic and master level
  • PhD Education, as well as proposals for the Vice-Chancellor to set up and discontinue research topics
  • Training plans and syllabi for all levels of education

Requirements for Faculty Board members

The nominated internal members should:

  • be permanent members of the Faculty of Technology and Society staff (at least 50% or for a certain period of time not shorter than two years from the beginning of the term of office);
  • have a broad knowledge about and foundation in the Faculty;
  • be able to focus on the common interests and activities of the Faculty;
  • and have good knowledge about the education and research at the Faculty.

The Committee will also consider external members who are representatives from industry, the public sector and civil society, the armed forces as well as from other universities. A nominated member from another Malmö University faculty should be permanently employed (see above) as a teacher at that faculty and also have broad knowledge of TS’ interests and activities. Nomination of external members can be based on the candidate’s experience of leading strategic development work, which can be translated into the conditions that the work in TS’ faculty board implies. 

Link to nomination form

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