Claudio Nigro to talk at the Akademisk kvart series

On Wednesday October 3 at 12.30, Claudio Nigro, PhD-student at the Department of Materials Science and Applied Mathematics, will talk at the Malmö City Library as part of the University’s Akademisk kvart series.

The title of Claudio’s talk, which will be held in English, is Hydrogen versus metals in aerospace and nuclear power plants.

Hydrogen, the most abundant element in the universe, is a major concern for nuclear and space industries. Although it was significantly used in the past, e.g. in airships, and is still seen as an environment-friendly energy source, it has been shown to be responsible not only for numerous dramatic explosions but also the degradation of the mechanical properties of metals leading to drastic failures in hydrogen-rich environment. Hydrogen embrittlement is a hydrogen-related damage potentially occurring in metals in different forms.

Malmö City Library (from the entrance go left and to the 2nd floor), Kung Oscars väg 11

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