On Tuesday: Double seminar on game research

Join Alberto Alvarez and Enrique Morales on Tuesday June 12 as they present their respective research regarding digital games.

When and where:
Tuesday, June 12 at 13:15 in NIC0626, Niagara building, Malmö University.

Alberto Alvarez is a PhD student in Computer Science and Procedural Content Generation for Games. He joined DVMT in February this year. His research interests are on procedural content generation for games and how the different generated content can affect and interact with each other, computational intelligence for games, evolutionary algorithms and, the development of believable and reactive agents. He holds an MSc in games technology from the IT University of Copenhagen and a Bachelor in game design and development from ESNE, Madrid. He is also the Poster session chair at the Foundations of Digital Games 2018 conference, to be held at MAU on August 7-10.

Dr. Enrique Morales holds a PhD in Sociology from Universidad Complutense de Madrid (UCM). His doctoral thesis was titled The new media culture in digital times: the videogames issue. He teaches Digital Society and Game Theory and is  currently working on Videogames and Society, Climate Change and Communication. He’s currently a guest researcher at DVMT. He is also the Doctoral Consortium chair for the upcoming the Foundations of Digital Games 2018 conference in Malmö on August 7-10.


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