We are looking for an interesting speaker for the TS Teknikdag

On November 15 at 1-4pm we will arrange the first TS-specific student recruitment day. It is an inspiration day for secondary school (gymnasium) students in Skåne. The main purpose is to attract girls to our education programs and to raise awareness about what we offer here at TS.

Contacts at local schools
By the end of April we will send out a Save-the-date notice to teachers and vice-chancellors at schools in Skåne. We are sending this out broadly, so it would be great to have any and all of the contacts at schools that you might have. Please send us any contacts (daniel.harju@mau.se or filippa.tornwall@mau.se). If you prefer to send the Save-the-date yourself, we can also provide you the Save-the-date invitation.

Female external inspiration speaker
One of the main points on the November 15 program will be a short inspiration talk by a female technologist, engineer, mathematician, entrepreneur or someone else who can inspire the students. If you know of any external speaker you think would be a good fit for this, please let us know before April 26.

Other ideas or suggestions are of course also welcome. We will give you more information about this in the months to come. Thank you in advance.


Filippa and Daniel

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