Anqa ceremony

Today there was a ceremony at university. The organisation called Anqa for quality assurance of universities (I believe it is similar to our UKÄ), has distributed some certificate of attendance to a training course.  For this ceremony there has been a lot of preparation done by the employees at northern university, for instance the poster in the picture has been prepared in few days.
Poster for the Anqa cerimony
Poster for the Anqa ceremony
It describes the latest events and collaboration of the university, for instance Nune’s staff exchange to Malmö, 2 polish exchange students who have been in Yerevan, some other trip of the staff to Palermo, to Austria and others.
There has been also a short film made of interviews to different people of the university, including me!
The ceremony started at 10:00. We sat in an auditorium, quite many people were participating. The rector, vice rector and the head of this organisation Anqa welcomed everyone.
Welcome speech
After that the expert and the public had a discussion (kind of panel, people saying their opinion or asking questions and the the expert were answering). After that there was the distribution of the certificates. One of the responsible of the quality assurance at Northern university Lilit Zakaryan got the certificate (very nice and colourful!)
The ceremony ended at 13:00 with a buffe’ of fruit and sweets.

Flexible meetings

On the 26th I went to the university knowing that I had 2 meetings scheduled, one at 11:00 with the computer engineering department and the other after lunch with the quality assurance department. However, when I arrived in the morning  at work I got to know that the first meeting was canceled. Instead, I went to the library, and the librarian Julia, offered me turkish coffee, fruit and chocolate. She also gave me a present, a book with the title: “Realities as if unknown to turks”, a collection of letters written by armenians about the genocide, written in four languages: Russian, Armenian, Turkish and English.
Julia and Martin
Julia and Martin
The library was quite small and the books were old. There was no computer in the library, the borrowing of the books is done manually. Actually, there was none in the library, the librarian said that armenian students do not like to read books! (similar to our students? 😉
The second meeting was also canceled today, it is shifted to next week. It seems that they are quite flexible with the meetings!
The meeting with the computer engineering department was rescheduled on the 27th. I had no idea of what was the agenda and who would come to the meeting (I would not accept this in Sweden!). The evening before I browsed a bit the site of our faculty in order to be prepared for the meeting. When I arrived at university, I went directly to the meeting room and it was full of people, mostly students but also faculty staff. They asked me to talk about the TS faculty, so I improvised a presentation of TS (thanks to Filippa T since she sent me a ppt presentation of TS). One of the faculty member translated my talk.  After that they asked me specific questions, like what programming languages do we teach, detailed of the web design course, and of the database course. They also asked me about the research and example of projects. That was a difficult question, I do not have a good overview of the research done at our computer science department and know nothing about the projects at IMP. I searched and showed some slides from the latest presentation of the IOTAP research center.

Presentation of TS
Presentation of TS

In the evening, I got a video of the presentation (a slideshow with music), which is also available on Youtube:

My first weekend in Yerevan

When I arrived to Yerevan (at 11:30 of the 21st november), Nune was waiting for me with Jacob and Martin, we went all together to the apartment where I will stay for the whole month.
The first interesting thing was the elevator! The keyboard of the elevator has 14 buttons in total, 12 for the floors, one for the bell and another for the bottom floor. However, the number 3 was modified (by hand) to 13, the number 8 was deleted, the button with the bell was modified to 8. So, where is the number 3? and which button should I push if the elevator stops?

Anyway, the apartment is very nice, on the 13th floor according to the elevator (but it is the 12th floor by counting each floor), well furnished and with a very nice view!

I spent the saturday by myself, unpacking and trying to organise my life in Yerevan. I went out for tourism and for learning my way in the city. My apartment is in Tumanyan street, very central, close to the opera house and to the french square and the cascade complex.

Cascade complex in Yerevan
Cascade complex in Yerevan
I met 2 girls, Sylvia and Sara that welcomed me to Yerevan! That was nice, they were very social and nice, they pointed me where to buy a map. In the end there was a small surprise! These girls were Jehova witness, and left me a flyer about that (they are everywhere!)

Trip to Yerevan

My flight from Copenhagen to Yerevan via Moscow, was at 23:40 on the 20th of November.
I arrived at Moscow at 4:05 am local time, the airport was empty. I easily found my way to the passport control and terminal D and here there was a small problem! On my italian passport there is a small mistake, there is an M on the sex! This made the Russians suspicious! An italian, living in Sweden, travelling from Danmark, going to Yerevan via Moscow with an M instead of an F! Maybe she is a terrorist! 😉 The person at the passport control made a phone call and I heard clearly the word “italian” while she was talking on the phone. After a few minutes finally she pointed at the M on the passport, said something, and then let me go through!
On both planes my seat was occupied, from Moscow to Yerevan the person sitting on my seat suggested me another place which was also occupied! :-/
On the plane from Moscow to Yerevan the passengers were circa 95% males, I could count only 3-4 females. Nune (my contact person in Yerevan) has told me that there are many Armenians males that are poor and go to Russia to earn some money, and then in this period they come back to spend Christmas with their family. I got exactly this impression on the plane, quite many emigrants that were going back home, since most of people had big sacks packed in cellophane (not ordinary suitcases).  To be continued…

Nerden har landat

Imorgon haller jag i en presentation om Malmo hogskola for undergraduate och postgraduate students. Eftersom bilden jag kommer att “saljas” med ar denna, kan man ju undra om det kommer att dyka upp nagon for att lyssna… Hursomhelst, sa ska det bli spannande att ta reda pa vad vara framtida inkommande utbytesstudentervill veta om oss.

Jag har som del av min presentation aven tagit med den fina ‘dagboken’ som handlar om introduktionsprogrammet for utbytesstudenter som holls nu i januari. Bilderna ar tagna av var praktikant Annemarie Strehl och det ar aven hon som satt samman bilderna till den fina dagboken. Ni kan kika pa den har.

Igar traffade jag Professor Kit Fai Pun som ar Chair and Campus Coordinator (Graduate Studies & Research). En glad och trevlig man som ar oerhort sugen pa att skicka PhD’s till  Malmo som ‘Sandwich PhDs’ inom det nya hogskoleovergripande avtal som inom kort kommer at skrivas mellan Mah och UWIs alla tre campus. Professor Pun var speciellt intresserad av Biomed, Sports Science och Interaction Design.  Vi far se vad framtiden innehaller. Under tiden kan ni roa er med att lasa igenom St. Augustines Master och PhD program har.