Molo! Day 3 at NMMU South Africa

Molo! (means Hello in Xhosa, one of eleven official languages in South Africa)

People people people… New encouters, new experiences, new insights. Exciting stories.

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Today I spent the whole morning at The Student Counselling, Career and Development Centre (SCCDC), where I met Dr Maud Ntanjana, Dr Hanna von Lingen, Kameshnee Ramasamy, Ruth Connely and others. I had the prevelige of presenting Malmö University´s Study and Career Centre for a this courios and interested group of counsellors att NMMU. We had very interesting discussions about the significance of guidance and counselling of students of all ages, and how important role counsellors play in schools, universities and community as a whole. We also exchanged our views on the imortance of a research-led counselling. You would notice that you met with the genuine counsellors since it was my turn to answers all the (open) questions. Pure pleasure.

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After our morning meetings Maud, the manager of SCCDC, drove me to the university’s Missionvale Campus located on the outskirts of Port Elisabeth´s suburban centre, where I spent the whole afternoon with Lungsi Ntlokwana and her staff. Siya, future counselling psychologist, who is doing her internship at Counselling Centre on Missionvale Campus took me on a nice campus tour. It was amazing to see that this modern Capus was located just next to Missionvale townships, that are still made up largely of shacks. Location, location, location. 

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Later I met with a group of high schools pupils from disadvantaged schools who were to attend a career workshop. These pupils spent about 3 hours at Student Counselling Centre on Missionvale Campus in career programme which helps them identify their personality, interests and values and guides them towards a career decision, and provides them with career information. What a wonderful initiative! 

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After another day full of impressions I had to go for a evening run on the beach. I am exhausted and yet so pleased.

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Good night wherever you are! 🙂 

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