International Marketing and Recruitment in Canada and Ukraine

Informing students about study possibilities in Malmö

Certificate for participation
Katya and me at the Education Fair in Kiev

My name is Roger Senden. I work at the Vice-Chancellor’s Office, where my main task is to set up international marketing and recruitment for Malmö University. I started working for Malmö University in spring 2010. I am from the Netherlands and that’s also the reason why I write my blog in English.

Since tuition fees have been introduced this year, the interest in Sweden as a study destination has dramatically dropped. Last year the leadership of the university decided to work on international marketing and recruitment in order to make sure that an international class room can be maintained.
In June 2010, 7 target countries have been set for active marketing and recruitment: Bulgaria, China Germany, India, Poland, Romania, and Russia. This year one more country has been added: Ukraine. The main reasons to add Ukraine as a target country are the interest in Malmö University’s programmes this year (10% of the fee-paying students is Ukrainian) and the easy access to the Ukrainian student market.
Every country needs a different approach. In some countries education fairs have a lot of impact (e.g. Romania and Bulgaria). In other countries working with educational consultants (agents) is crucial, e.g. in India and China. But in all countries we try to use several tools (incl. web) in order to recruit students.
Currently I am on my way to Kiev and Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine, together with Katherina Korsun. She is one of our Ukrainian Master’s students (Global Political Studies). This trip to Ukraine has three main goals. One is to participate in an education fair in Kiev for three days, with an expected 10-15.000 visitors. During the trip we will also meet with three agents to discuss a possible cooperation. Finally this trip is important to get a better understanding of the student market in Ukraine. We will for example also visit the Swedish Embassy in Ukraine.
After this 6 day visit to Ukraine I will continue my journey to Canada. This journey has a complete different reason. Malmö University is a member of Study Destination Sweden. This is a cooperation of Swedish universities that aims to share knowledge and experiences and wants to develop a strategy to promote Sweden jointly as a study destination. In Canada universities have been working together through what is called EduCanada. They have been successful in branding the country as a study destination. Study Destination Sweden wants to learn from their experiences. That’s why I have been invited to represent the project, together with colleagues from the Swedish Institute, West University and the Stockholm School of Economics. Besides the main office of EduCanada in Ottawa, we will visit McGill University (Montreal), Bishop’s University (Quebec), University of Western Ontario (London), Ryerson University (Toronto), and CMEC, which is the counsel of Education Ministers in Canada. Most likely I will also visit York University, which is (as Ryerson University) on of Malmö’s partner universities.
During the next three weeks I will try to give you a better idea of the work that me and my colleagues do when we are abroad.

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  1. Thanks for the first comment 🙂 I absolutely will Anna! Coming up soon. My first blog was a bit delayed, but more is coming up soon (incl. some first photos) /Roger

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