KS firar: Ronald Stade

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Till alla medarbetare vid Fakulteten för kultur och samhälle

Efter många år i tjänst på Malmö Universitet avtackar Fakulteten för kultur och samhälle och institutionen för konst, kultur och kommunikation, K3 Professor Ronald Stade.

Ronald Stade, Professor of Peace and Conflict Studies/Anthropology.

Välkomna på mingel torsdagen den 13 februari!
Tid: 13 februari 2020 kl. 15:15
Plats: Sällskapsytan på plan 7

Varmt välkomna!
Dekan Rebecka Lettevall och prefekt Sara Bjärstorp

– – ENGLISH – –

To all staff at the Faculty of Culture and Society,

After many years at Malmö University Professor Ronald Stade will start a new phase in his life. The Faculty of Culture and Society and the School of Arts and Communication K3, would like to thank Ronald for all these years. 

Welcome to attend his retirement-party on Thursday, February 13.
When? Thursday, February 13 at 15.15  
Where? The lounge/café area on floor 7

Warm welcome!
Best regards
Dean Rebecka Lettevall and Head of Department Sara Bjärstorp

News from Institute for Urban Research (IUR)

After assessing 35 applications, we’re happy to announce the 2020 IUR artists-in-residence. Read more:


IUR researchers will chair three sessions at the upcoming RC21 2020 Conference Sensing the City: Place, People, Power that will take place in Antwerp from 6 to 8 July.

We welcome abstracts for two sessions, read more:


IUR welcomes two new postdocs within CRUSH

We are excited to welcome Chiara Valli and Myrto Dagkouli-Kyriakoglou to the IUR collective! Chiara and Myrto will be working as postdoctoral researchers within the Critical Urban Sustainability Hub (CRUSH). Read more:


New researchers at MIM

Please welcome two MIM guests, they will be here between January and June;

Magdalena Nowicka, MIM Guest Professor in Memory of Willy Brandt, and Karen Suyemoto, a Fulbright Fellow.

Magdalena Nowicka

Magdalena Nowicka is a Professor of Migration and Transnationalism at the Humboldt University in Berlin and Head of Department at the German Centre for Integration and Migration Research DeZIM e.V. in Berlin. She holds a doctoral degree in Sociology from the Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich (2005), a Master of Arts degree in Cultural Studies from the Jagiellonian University in Krakow, Poland (2001) and a Bachelor of Arts degree in International Relations from the University of Warsaw, Poland (1999).  She led the project „TRANSFORmIG. Transforming Migration – Transnational Transfer of Multicultural Habitus“  funded by the European Research Council Starting Grant Scheme (2013-2018) as well as various projects on Polish migration to Germany. 

Contact Magdalena Nowicka

Karen Suyemoto

Karen Suyemoto is a Professor of Clinical Psychology, Asian American Studies and Critical Ethnic and Community Studies at the University of Massachusetts, Boston.  Her teaching, research, and community based consultations focus on three interrelated areas: (a) understanding the effects of race and racism on mental health and identity, (2) examining experiences and effects of advocacy and resistance against racism, and (3) exploring how ethnocultural responsiveness and racial social justice can be developed through and integrated into education and psychological practice, training, and research. Current projects include a 2-book project, Unraveling Assumptions: A Primer for Understanding Oppression and Privilege and Teaching Diversity Relationally: Engaging Emotions and Embracing Possibilities.

“The focus of my Fulbright Fellowship here in Sweden is on understanding how Swedes engage issues of race and racism, and how education is addressing these issues (e.g. from a model of transformative, liberatory education). I would welcome the opportunity to talk with MIM researchers and instructors about their projects and classes, and share perspectives on conceptual issues, research methodology, or teaching philosophy and approach.”
Contact: Karen.Suyemoto@umb.edu

Finding ways for Africas urban poor to cope with the climate crisis – research at a glance

Stephen Marr, GPS, co-leads a Formas project in Malawi.

‘Our project partners at the Nordic Africa Institute cut a short film covering a workshop we held last month in Malawi in connection to my Formas-funded project on the theme of “climate adaptation and mitigation”.’

See the film: Finding ways for Africas urban poor to cope with the climate crisis

Two new Formas research projects

Congratulations to Karin Grundström, Urban Studies.

Karin Grundström (project leader) has received a Formas Research and Development Grant to carry out the project Sharing Housing in Times of Housing Inequality. The aim of the research is to investigate housing inequality by analysing why and how, privileged and precarious groups respectively, are sharing housing. It is grounded in the increase in sharing housing among the large number of singletons in the metropolitan areas. The prevalence of sharing will be mapped and six case studies will be selected in Malmö and Stockholm for further analysis. The project has a budget of 2.9 million SEK and is a collaboration with Martin Grander from Malmö University, and, Irene Molina and Karin Back from the Institute for Housing and Urban Research (IBF) at Uppsala University. In addition, the project has an international advisory board and a national reference group in support of the research.

Karin Grundström is also project leader of Revisiting Allmänningar and Stråk. Spatial Justice in the 21st Century Land Regime that has received 7.2 million SEK within the Formas call Sustainable Living Environments. The aim of the project is to investigate spatial justice by analysing usage and planning of allmänningar and stråk [pathways], i.e. public spaces that connect urban and rural environments and socio-economically and ethnically segregated neighbourhoods. The project will evolve in close collaboration with users, artists, the three municipalities of Malmö, Lund and Staffanstorp, and, national and international research- and teaching environments. One main method is mapping and the project will conclude with an exhibition of maps produced throughout the research project. The project members include Peter Parker and Martin Grander at Malmö University, David Pinder from Roskilde University, Ander Larsson from SLU Alnarp and Cecilia Wendt who is an independent artist. 

Kaffe med en kommunikatör fortsätter

Kaffe med en kommunikatör fortsätter under december och januari. Välkommen med dina frågor och kommunikationsutmaningar.

Torsdagen den 5 december: 13.30-15.30
Amanda Malmquist, utbildningskommunikation och Johanna Svensson, internkommunikation är på plats.

Tisdagen den 10 december: 13.30-15.30
Maya Acharya, internkommunikation engelska och Ellen Albertsdottir, forskningskommunikation

Torsdagen den 16 januari: 13.30-15.30
Maya Acharya, internkommunikation engelska och Ellen Albertsdottir, forskningskommunikation

Torsdagen den 23 januari: 13.30-15.30
Amanda Malmquist, utbildningskommunikation och Johanna Svensson, internkommunikation är på plats.

K3-medarbetare har fått designstipendium

Jonas Larsen har fått Region Skånes “Designstipendium för etablerad designer”. Grattis!

“Region Skånes stipendiater för etablerad designer 2019 gick till Yuki Tango och Jonas Larsson för deras unika glasvaser. De arbetar med pilträ för att forma och blåsa glaset i, och väver på så sätt ihop två äldre hantverk som fortfarande hålls vid liv i Skåne.” Läs mer på Region Skånes webb

Public lectures with Robert Saunders

Public Lecture @ MAU: Robert Saunders  

Farmingdale State College (SUNY) 
The Imag(in)ed City: The (Geo)Politics of Nordic Noir’s Televisual Place-Making 
6 December: 14:15 – 16:00
NI:B0E07 (Lecture Hall B2) 

RUCARR seminar
Professor Robert A. Saunders, Farmingdale State College (SUNY), Dept. of History, Politics, and Geography, NY: Getting over Borat: Exploring the (After-)Effects of Parody in the Post-Soviet Realm.
When: December 10, 3.15-5 pm
Seminar room, 9th floor, Niagara building

MEDEA Talk @ Panora: Robert Saunders 

Screening the Nordic City: The Politics of Place and Space in Contemporary Crime Series 
10 December: 18:00 – 20: 00
Salong 1, Panora
For many people outside Northern Europe, what they know about Malmö comes what they see on their television screens. The worldwide success of the Swedish-Danish crime drama Bron|Broen has come to serve as the main source of information about Sweden’s ‘southern capital’. Professor Robert A Saunders (State University of New York) will speak about his research on the imagining of Malmö via the series, and how other internationally-successful Nordic noir series such as the Bordertown (set in Lappeenranta, Finland) and Dicte (set in Aarhus, Denmark) shape international perspectives of Norden and its lived spaces.  Focusing on various aspects of the ‘city’ – including history, economics, architecture, culture, etc. – his talk will critically assess the pros and cons of being seen as a zone of murder and mystery, regardless of the day-to-day realities of the typical Nordic city.

Discussant: Annette Hill, Professor of Media and Communication, Lund University. The actor Gabriel Flores Jair will also take part in the conversation. 

This event is co-produced with Medea and requires registration. Please sign up here (the event is free of charge).

De externa utvärderingarna fortsätter

En av komponenterna i universitetets kvalitetsramverk för utbildning är att det görs externa granskningar av alla utbildningar som inte granskas av UKÄ.

Hur går det till?
Programansvarig och andra personer ur lärarlaget skriver en självvärdering på cirka 15 sidor utifrån de delar som ska bedömas. Kvalitetskoordinator Birgitta Magnusson bistår med administrativt stöd och med kommunikation och avstämning med andra delar av universitetet. Studenterna har inflytande över processen genom att både bidra till självvärderingen och genom att delta i dialogmötet. Vid dialogmötet träffas bedömargruppen och företrädare för programmet, utöver studentrepresentant. Vid dessa brukar också prefekten delta.

Fyra KS-program granskas under höstterminen
Under höstterminen har universitetet sju granskningar igång, varav fyra vid Kultur och samhälle: Arkitektur, visualisering och kommunikation, Interaction design (magister- och mastersprogrammen), Medie- och kommunikationsvetenskap (kandidatprogrammet) och Mångfaldsstudier. Flertalet av dem får ett preliminärt yttrande från bedömargruppen i slutet av november och det slutliga i januari. Däremellan hålls ett dialogmöte, som leds av bedömargruppens ordförande.

Tre KS-program granskades i våras
De första utvärderingarna gjordes i våras, då granskades fem utbildningar varav tre vid KS: Transport Management, Interaction design (kandidatprogrammet) och Urban Studies (mastersprogrammet). Alla blev godkända, men fick också rekommendationer om hur utbildningarna kan utvecklas.

Läs utvärderingarna här (i Box)

KS firade två nya professorer

I torsdags firade Kultur och samhälle att Mikael Spång, Globala politiska studier, har blivit professor i statsvetenskap och Stig Westerdahl, Urbana studier, har blivit professor i företagsekonomi. Det bjöds på bubbel och tilltugg och tal hölls av dekan Rebecka Lettevall, prodekan Magnus Nilsson och prefekterna Magnus Ericson och Kerstin Sandell.

Magnus Ericson som hunnit diskutera olika frågor med Mikael Spång redan under studietiden berättade bland annat att han är “en riktig djuping, som dessutom är trevlig och rolig” och Kerstin Sandell hade under sin tid som prefekt hunnit konstatera att Stig Westerdahl är “en stor tillgång för institutionen” och har en bredd som spänner över US olika fält . Grattis!

Mikael Spång, ny professor fick blommor av dekan Rebecka Lettevall.
Stig Westerdahl, ny professor, fick blommor av dekan Rebecka Lettevall.