About the initiative

Students and staff at Malmö University in Sweden, support the struggle of refugees. Help us raise money and awareness!

We encourage other universities to use the power of higher education and research in support of human rights and refugees around the world.

The values of Malmö University rest on community involvement as well as the will and ability to make a difference. In the Strategic Platform 2020 our four core values are defined as Diversity, Creativity, Quality and Commitment to our community.

60 million people in the world are currently displaced – fleeing war and oppression. That is the highest number since the Second World War according to the UN Refugee Agency – UNHCR. Half of the refugees are children.

In the light of recent media reports of the intensification of people fleeing Syria and other regions, many people ask themselves: What can I do? We, as an institution for higher education, ask: What can Malmö University do? What role can higher education and research play? We can of course contribute with research and be a voice in the debate, but we can also act practically.

Staff and students of Malmö University are now starting an appeal for human rights! In collaboration with other actors, we want to make use of our frustration and urge to make a change, and do something practical. This will be done on several different levels and with different means, under the initiative ”Malmö University for Refugees”

1. Open meeting for students and staff who wish to engage and contribute under the initiative ”Malmö University for Refugees”. Thursday 10 September at 12.00 in the Student Union Building (Bassängkajen 8). Through our creativity, we will move from thought to action! Cecilia Christersson, Vice-Chancellor of Malmö University, will lead the meeting. May Samhouri, Board Member of Malmö Student Union and refugee from Syria, will be the main speaker. Hala Mohammed, Vice President of the Swedish Red Cross will participate to share information on how the money we raise will come to use. A representative from the City of Malmö will talk about the current needs in Malmö and give advice on how we can contribute. The focus of the meeting is to get students and staff engaged and respond to the pent-up demand of getting involved.

All students and staff that are already involved in different initiatives – come and let us know what you are doing and how the rest of us can contribute!

2. Malmö University has started a fundraiser in favor of the Red Cross’ efforts to help refugees. We are encouraging other universities to do the same! Our goal is to raise 500 000 SEK before the end of the academic year.

Link to the fundraiser: http://egeninsamling.redcross.se/pa-flykt/8-4951

3.  Be seen and heard in the debate and in the community– During the Academic Year 2015/2016 we will shed light on the refugee crisis in different ways. From projects within the courses, targeted scholarships for essays, open lectures, to dissemination of research within the field. Everything we do, big and small, we gather here: http://blogg.mah.se/malmouniversityforrefugees

Our Facebook group ”Malmö University for Refugees”, www.facebook.com/groups/malmouniversityforrefugees, is a platform for whoever wants to get involved, but is unsure how. This is where you can get in contact with others and exchange ideas.

Use the “Malmö University for Refugees” banner, download here:

Every Thursday at 12:00-13:00 everyone is welcome to the Student Union Building to talk, share experiences, follow-up and initiate new projects.




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