Anna Seravalli, Anders Emilson and Micke Svedemar: Coproduction. Partnership and collaboration with external actors in education and research

Welcome to the next K3 seminar. It will be held by Anna Seravalli senior lecturer in Product Design, Anders Emilsson, senior lecturer in Interaction Design, and Micke Svedemar, lecturer in Interaction Design, Wednesday, May 24, at 10.15-12.00 in The Open Studio on the fifth floor of Niagara (Room NIC 0541)  

In this seminar/workshop they will discuss “samverkan” and how to create and maintain strategic partnership and/or tight collaborations with external actors. They will depart from some K3-projects and discuss pros and cons and how to support each other in establishing, navigating and maintaining partnerships to co-create knowledge and education together with non-academic actors.

The long term goal is to create an understanding for how coproduction/collaboration/ co-operation is evaluated.


Rough plan for the workshop

  1. Short background
  2. Some examples of “K3-samverkan”
  • ReTuren
  • Student projects with external partners (stakeholders).
  • Do you have any cases you want to share with us in the workshop – please send in advance a mail to Micke Svedemar so he can fit it in to the plan.    
  1. Round table discussion:
  • What is coproduction/collaboration/ co-operation (samverkan) at K3?
  • Why do we need “samverkan” (for researchers and lecturers, for students)?
  • How do we assess quality when working with “samverkan” (example of topics)
    • For who do we assess the quality
    • Which are our quality variables
    • Who are included when assessing the quality
    • How do we ensure that we not only judge what is easy to measure
    • How do we share with each other at K3 what happens in samverkan
  • Summary

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