December 16 Luca Simeone, PhD student in Interaction Design, Translational Processes and Academic Entrepreneurship in Design Labs (PhD Defence)

November 30 K3 research seminar: Lotta Sörensen, On Materiality?

November 23 K3 research seminar: Anders Emilsson and Michael Svedemar Coproduction: partnership and collaboration with external actors in education and research. 

November 16 K3 Research Fair

November 16 K3 research seminar: Susan Kozel with the Living Archives research group, Living Archives: anatomy of a large research project

November 14-15 Intersectional Perspectives on Design, Politics and Power: A Two Day Seminar

November 14 Eric Snodgrass, PhD student in Media and Communication Studies, Ecologies of the Executable (90 percent PhD seminar)

November 10 K3 research seminar: Florian Cramer, Research Professor in New Media at Hogeschool Rotterdam On the Post-Digital

November 4 Student Exhibition: The Desktop is Dead by students from the course Designing for Wearables.

November 2-4 Student Exhibition: 4 Cubes by students from the course Scenproduktion: Rumslig gestaltning/Performing Arts Design: Space in the Area of Performing Arts 15 credits.

November 1 Linda Hilfling, PhD student in Interaction Design, Through Codes and Clouds: Post-Global Information Territories and Executed Critique (60 percent PhD seminar)

October 19 K3 research seminar: Simon Niedenthal, Beyond Smell-o-Vision: Research into Olfactory Gaming at K3

October 12 K3 research seminar: Vaike Fors, Associate Professor (docent) in Pedagogy at the School of Information Technology at Halmstad University, How to inspire students to approach social science with visual and sensory methods

October 5 David Cuartielles, Platform Design – toolboxes for educators, designers and engineers (70 percent seminar)

September 9 Dissertation: DESIGN-POLITICS: An Inquiry into Passports, Camps and Borders by Mahmoud Keshavarz.  

September 22-23 Ørecomm Symposium: Transit Europe – Mobility, Communication and Governance

September 21 K3 research seminar: Per-Anders Hillgren, Mette Agger Eriksen, Anna Seravalli and Savita Upadhyaya “Scaling”/”Diffusion”/”Adoption”/“Slipping”? Some reflections about collaborative boundary work in dealing with participative and collaborative practices within a municipal organization.

September 14 K3 research seminar: Dimitrios Gkouskos, Postdoctoral researcher in Interaction Design, K3, The ideal Internet of Things Experience design process

August 30-31 Media and Communication Studies Master’s programme opening conference

August 19 Spikning: DESIGN-POLITICS: An Inquiry into Passports, Camps and Borders by Mahmoud Keshavarz.  

June 2 Student exhibition at Malmö Stadsbibliotek by Product Design

June 1 Student exhibition by Praktisk filmkurs II at Panora

May 30 – June 4 Student exhibition by Visual Communication and Den fotografiska bilden II

May 26-June 6 Degree exhibition by Graphic Design, Product Design and Visual Communication

May 19-24 Student exhibition by Comics – International Perspectives

May 18 K3 research seminar/Örecomm seminar: Marco Zoppi, PhD student, Roskilde University: Horizons of Security: Welfare and Social Security among the Somalis in Scandinavia  and Erliza López Pedersen, PhD student in Media and Communication Studies, Malmö University: Voices and Performances: Transnational Radio Streaming and Community Practices

May 11 K3 research seminar: Parvin Ardalan, media activist, Erling Björgvinsson, professor of Design, University of Gothenburg, and Anders Høg Hansen, senior lecturer in Media and Communication Studies: Amendments and Frames. The Women 100 Movement and Malmö History

April 28 – 30 Executions: conversations on code, politics & practice

April 27 K3 research seminar: Marit Stub Nybelius, PhD student in Sport Sciences, Malmö University: De nordiska skidgrenarnas sportifiering och medialisering

April 21 Student exhibition: Daidalos by Scenproduktion

April 19 K3 research seminar: Zachary Thomas Dodson, professor of Practice, Aalto University, Helsinki: Visual Narratives

April 15-29 Student exhibition: Att förpacka en illusion with Graphic Design

April 15 Student exhibition: Just vid den tiden by Scenproduktion

April 14-15 Student exhibition This Time It’s Personal with Product Design

April 13 PhD student Luca Simone 90% seminar Translational processes and academic entrepreneurship in design

April 6-8 Student exhibition Remake by Product Design

April 1-3 SIDeR – Student Interaction Design Research Conference

March 30 K3 research seminar: Åsa Harvard Maare, senior lecturer in Design, K3: Designing for Peer Learning

March 22 K3 research seminar: Jacek  Smolicki, PhD student in Interaction Design: Personal Archiving Practices in the Times of Capture Culture (50 percent seminar)

March 16 K3 research seminar: Henrik Svarrer Larsen, senior lecturer in Interaction Design, K3: Engaging Designs and Design Engagements

March 4 Family frames goes Hongkong – exhibition with Hong Kong Design Institute in collaboration with K3

March 3 K3 research seminar: Annette Hill, professor of Media and Communication Studies, Lund University: Spectrum of Engagement: Producers and Audiences of The Bridge Television Drama

February 17 K3 research seminar: Anuradha Reddy, PhD student in Interaction Design, K3: Material Circumstances. An Investigation Into an Internet of Things

February 12 Game Night

February 8 PhD student Mahmoud Keshavarz  90%t seminar Passports, Camps and Borders. The Material Articulations of Design-Politics

February 3 K3 research seminar: Nikita Mazurov, postdoc at Living Archives/K3: Developing a Hacker Methodology. Praxes of Data Liberation as Archival Preservation

January 29-31 Malmö Jams Too @ Global Game Jam

January 20 Akademisk kvart with Michael Krona

January 15 Internet of Things student exhibition with Interaktionsdesign

January 15 Final prototypes of the Experimental Game Interaction

January 15 Adaptions of fairytales student exhibition with Visuell Kommunikation