Extremist Communication – K3 @ The Conference


Michael Krona, senior lecturer at K3, is one of 35 speakers during The Conference in Malmö August 16-17. He will talk about extremist communication and present his findings from almost two years of researching the scope of narratives in Islamic State propaganda, with an emphasis on how this knowledge can contribute to improve contemporary counter-strategies online.

The Conference is a yearly event with focus on complexity and trends in the digital world. The Conference is organized by Media Evolution, a community of 400 companies thriving in the sharing is caring culture of Malmö and southern Sweden.

The Conference 2016 is sold-out but all sessions will be streamed and it’s possible to join side events.

Heavy Metal, Gender and Sexuality

Heavy Metal Gender and Sexuality

Professor Magnus Nilsson is one of the contributors to the new book Heavy Metal, Gender and Sexuality. Magnus article is called “Race and gender in a globalized and postmodern metal”.

About the book:
Heavy Metal, Gender and Sexuality brings together a collection of original, interdisciplinary, critical essays exploring the negotiated place of gender and sexuality in heavy metal music and its culture. Scholars debate the current state of play concerning masculinities, femininities, queerness, identity aesthetics and monstrosities in an area of music that is sometimes mistakenly treated as exclusively sustaining a masculinist hegemony. The book combines a broad variety of perspectives on the main topic, regarding gender in connection to: the history of the genre; the range of metal subgenres; heavy metal’s multidimensional scope (music, lyrics, performance, style, illustrations); men and women; sexualities and various local and global perspectives. Heavy Metal, Gender and Sexuality is a text that opens up the world of heavy metal to reveal that it is a very diverse and ground-breaking stage where gender play is at the centre of its theatricality and sustains its mass appeal.

The New Human Symposium 30.8.2016


Moderna Museet Malmö and Malmö University (Medea and K3) welcome you to THE NEW HUMAN SYMPOSIUM, in which the invited speakers Patricia MacCormack, Sverre Raffnsøe, Susan Kozel, and Ursula Mayer will give us further insights into the times we live in, and towards what future we might be heading. In connection to the symposium, Moderna Museet Malmö will host the world premiere of Ursula Mayer’s new film, Atom Spirit.

Read more and sign up here.

Booklaunch Women Making History

women making history

The Women Making History movement was initiated in 2013 by Parvin Ardalan to engage in popular memory and popular history activism, uncovering hidden histories and new perspectives, looking back, as well as forward, on immigrant contributions, life and work in the now post-industrial city of Malmö. Women immigrants were a majority of the newcomers for many decades and crucial in the built-up of the city from the 1940s and onwards. Malmö University (Living Archives researchers http://livingarchives.mah.se ), including Anders Høg Hansen and Erling Björgvinsson has been partners in this activist-academia-local organisations collaboration. There has been dozens of events, many documented in newsletters as well as on the site. 

The activities have been varied: cartoon workshops, dinner conversations, exhibitions, workshops, collaborations with design students – and not least a rewriting of historical timelines 1910-2016 (together with activists, journalists, many of them newcomers or migrated to Malmö). Now a book is out documenting the work. It is launched at Panora in Malmö Sat 11 June at 2pm. Welcome.

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K3 New Member of Cumulus Association

CumulusK3 is now a member of the Cumulus Association, a global forum for partnership, friendship and transfer of knowledge aimed at enhancing education and research of art and design. The Cumulus Association currently consists of 226 members from 49 countries.  Cumulus offers opportunities for networking and cooperation with universities and colleges of art, design and media, works as a platform for exchange and makes it possible for researchers and students to take part in conferences, summer-schools and workgroups around the world. K3 was accepted as a member by the Cumulus General assembly at the conference ”In this place” in Nottingham.

Co-Create Malmö – A Mini-festival on How a City Can Learn Together

Co-Create MalmoAs part of the Co-Create Malmö – A Mini-festival on How a City Can Learn Together (9-11 May 2016) Mette Agger Eriksen and Per-Anders Hillgren will offer a workshop/discussion about what roles collaborative experiments can play in creating learning for systemic change. They will share some of their experiences, theory-based views on and approaches to this. As a part of the event participants are also invited in smaller groups to share and reflect on own concrete experiments – to open for further discussion on how we can understand and learn from experiments and assist in pushing for systemic change.

The workshop/discussion will take place in the studio on fifth floor in Niagara,  13-15 on May 9.

Executions: Conversations on Code, Politics & Practice

executionOn April 28-30, the symposium “Executions: conversations on code, politics & practice” will be held at Medea and K3.

Everyone is welcome to the the Medea Talk “Why is technology still considered to be a political, and can ethical decisions be made by computers?” with Femke Snelting and Susan Schuppli. Learn more and sign up here.

The symposium is organized by Critical Software Thing, a collective of artists/practitioners/researchers interested in thinking ‘thing’ from the perspective of Software Studies. Three of PhD students from K3, Eric Snodgrass, Linda Hilfling, and Molly Schwarz are part of the collective.

Read more about the symposium here: http://softwarestudies.projects.cavi.au.dk/index.php/*.exe_(ver0.2).