Welcome to a Design Thing!

The students and teachers of the Co-Design course invite you to a Design Thing about city making and democracy

A “Design Thing” is a hybrid of a democratic parliament and an experimental laboratory where participants collaboratively “make” decisions through exploring  matters of concern.

8th of November

STORM, Malmö University.

RSVP 2nd November to anna.seravalli@mah.se

During the course. we have been focusing on the areas of Kv. Spårvägen and Östervarn/Kirseberg, to explore together with local inhabitants, civil servants, NGOs, companies and other actors questions of: citizens involvement and waste minimization; and collaborative efforts in the planning and development of a former industrial area. On the last day of the course we would like to engage you in a Design Thing around some of the insights we gain along the way.

/ The students and teachers of the Co-Design  course





Pop-up Idea Store

Yanki Lee, guest researcher at K3, will as a part of the AFM network do a full day workshop at the bottom floor at Niagara the 11th of December. The workshop allow participants to “drop in” (approximately 20-30 minutes) and it relates to immersion techniques and design for our “future selves”. The day after, 12th of December, we will follow up with a discussion during lunch in the K3-design studio (NIB0542). 

Workshop (Pop-up Idea Store), Dec 11 at 9-16 (location: Communal Area on the Niagara Building)

Yanki Lee from Hong Kong, a visiting researcher at K3 this fall will design and operate an immersing experience to engage Malmo University communities to design for our future selves. Dr Lee is the co-founder of Enable Foundation, a non-profit social design agency, working on a government-funded design experiment with aim to train young design students to immerse themselves into old age and co-create with senior citizens to develop an alternative model for ageing innovation. A open lunch session will be hosted on Dec 12 (location: K3-Studio) to share the workshop findings and discuss immersive methodology in social innovation development.

Returning the Ear

Returning the Ear is a performance walk in response to the soundscape of Malmö. The project is an ongoing collaboration with K3 PhD student Jacek Smolicki and artist/performer/sound designer/researcher Tim Shaw.

Everyone is welcome to be part of Returing of the Ear September 13, 7 pm at Inter Art Center, Bergsgatan 29 in Malmö.

Read more and sign up on Facebook.

Returning the Ear is a part of [Post]-[Digital]-[Archives], an impromptu event/residency/exhibition/archive-in-the-making facilitated by Smolicki at IAC between 11-19th of September. The event will be inaugurated at 6PM, (an hour prior to the sound walk), Wednesday, September 13, at IAC.

Let‘s say the digital revolution is over. The enthusiasm that ushered in this revolution has since become counter-balanced, if not submerged, by skepticism and disenchantment. And what we are faced with are ubiquitous surveillance, impoverishment of aesthetic experiences and trivialization of social life, the results of an — at once deep and shallow – immersion in the digital and network media. The way we access, record and archive our presence in the world has also been affected. In this post-digital situation, we all engage in some forms of archiving, whether we want to – or not. When interacting with our devices, we archive and are being archived, held captive by a densely woven net of technologies. How can this condition be approached creatively?

The event takes the form of a temporary zone for the exploration of hybrid modes of personal archiving. In a loose and impromptu manner, the event presents on-going work of several practitioners who, in a poetic, humble, renegade, creative and subversive way combine digital and non-digital techniques to record, erase, archive, unarchive, remediate or demediate selected facets of everyday life in the present moment. Practitioners whose on-going work will be presented in the White Room at IAC include: Tim Shaw, Malin Pettersson Öberg, Nikita Mazurov, Jenny Soep, Ronda Bautista, Lucy N. and Jacek Smolicki.

(The works will be accessible to the public on the evening of Wednesday, September 13th, however individual visits and meetings can be scheduled directly with Jacek Smolicki any time between Thursday, September 14th and Monday, September 18th. Contact: jacek@smolicki.com or jacek.smolicki@mah.se)

We Want To Live – Liberia’s Fight Against Ebola

Next week Friday, 3 February, you are welcome to join the ComDev team for a screening of the documentary We Want To Live – Liberia’s Fight Against Ebola followed by a discussion with Executive Producer Antje Boehmert.

 “WE WANT YOU TO LIVE – Liberia’s fight against Ebola” is a documentary about the devastation the Ebola outbreak has brought upon Liberia. How do people experience an epidemic that was out of control for months, that destroyed the country’s health system and left fear and mistrust in cities and villages? WE WANT YOU TO LIVE – Liberia’s fight against Ebola tells the story of Stanley Juah, a father of four who, through one of his sons, brought the virus to his village and who is now held accountable for the deaths of fourteen people. Stanley’s last hope rests with a Reverend who tries to seek the community’s forgiveness on his behalf. There are health workers such as the nurse Mabel Musa who struggle in the face of this biblical task. After thousands who have perished, Mabel realizes how her country and her people are starting to surrender to this epidemic.

(From the documentary’s website http://ebolaueberleben.de/en/) 

The panel after the screening will discuss ethical questions of crisis journalism, documentary film-making best practices as well as the collaboration between the project and the Pulitzer Center for Crisis Reporting, exploring new forms of story-telling and financing. 

The screening of the 55-minute documentary will start at 14:00 sharp and we have time for Q&As and discussion until 16:30. 


Christmas is Coming


Next Saturday students from many K3 programmes will sell their work and products at Julmahknad. Visit their facebook for more information.

When: Saturday December 3, 10-17*
Where: Festmesteriet, Bassängkajen 8 (next to Niagara)


Next week will also be the premiere for Christmas calenders made by students from Interaction Design bachelor programme and by students from the course Att skriva och publicera i digitala medier/Writing and Publishing in Digital Media.  You can follow the calenders online or on screens in Niagara.

Geek Girl Mini Mini


Geek Girl Mini is a community aiming for girls to learn more about programming and technology. Last weekend they had their first activity for really young girls, age 3-6. The event was a collaboration with K3 and Medea.

A group of young girls amd their parents built carrot pianos with Makey Makey and programmed Bee-Boots.



Föreställningar at Malmö Konsthall


Anna Brag, senior lecturer and artist at K3, exhibits at Malmö Konsthall. The exhibtion Föreställningar is a collaboration between Anna and Gerthrud Alfredsson.

Föreställningar is open 27.10.2017 – 8.1.2017.

Föreställningar* is a joint project by Gertrud Alfredsson and Anna Brag about our ideas about various everyday phenomena. Central to the project is the technique of drawing in an expanded sense, which is used to make everyday life visible and as a starting point for creating spatial narratives. Drawing’s flexibility and simplicity is used to break down, construct and re-evaluate ideas and interpretations about our times, our language, and the opportunities we have to shape our lives and ourselves.

 * The Swedish word “Föreställningar” means: Performances, representations, presentations, notions, imaginations, visualizations, ideas, conceptions

Read more about Föreställningar here.