Cumulus Paris 2018

In April Daniel Gaffner, Nicklas Karlsson, Sofie Marie Ottsen Hansen and Elisabet Nilsson from K3 participated in the Cumulus Paris 2018 conference. The conference topic was “To get there Together” (say it quick with a French accent and see what happens). The conference took place at the four Parisian Schools of Art and Design, Boulle, Duperré, Estienne, and Ensaama. Many of the paper presentations this year had an emphasis on design education, and on various teaching practices, pedagogical tools and models. In a true French spirit, the conference was also spiced up with some student demonstrations which blocked out the venue for the conference opening, and a couple of strikes.

Sofie and Elisabet presented their paper “Re-thinking archiving for increased diversity – Insights from a co-design project with museum professionals and refugees” sharing their work in the Living Archives project. Daniel and Nicklas visited STRATE – Ecole de Design, in Paris and discussed possible future co-operations with Ensaama, also in Paris, and U.d.K. in Berlin, as well as attending the General assembly of Cumulus and the New Members Fair.

Elisabet Nilsson and Sofie Marie Ottsen Hansen before their presentation at Ensaama, National School of Applied Arts and Crafts in Paris. Right: Arnaud Homann, lecturer of graphic design at Ensaama and Daniel Gaffner, program director of graphic design at K3, former fellow students at Central St Martins, London.

Meet Testbädd at the Social Innovation Summit Conference

During the last years K3 researchers have been involved in the project Testbädd. The project is promoting the culture of innovation in heath care.

Read more about the project here.

Testbädd will present their work at the upcoming conference Social Innovation Summit. Social Innovation Summit brings together entrepreneurs, change agents, innovators, policy makers, investors and financiers to jointly explore, develop and promote social innovation. The conference will take place in Malmö October 25-26.

The webcasting from Social Innovation Summit will be done by Mikael Rundberg and the students on the course “Rörlig bild och webcasting”.


Conference: Why Media and Communication Studies Matter


The second year of Media and Communication Studies Master’s Programme kicked off Tuesday with a two-day conference, “Why Studying Media and Communication Matters?”, where a selection of the previous year’s theses was presented to the new and continuing master students as a demonstration of the diversity in research available to students of the programme.

The conference was live streamed and recorded for international students and is available here.

Theses presented:
“The Migration Motive Representations of migrants in the British press during the Brexit debate” by Oisin Share

“Pokemon Go as locative media” by Jonathan Hair

“Reading Fashion? Exploring Fashion Media Use Among Russian Young Adults” by Alexandra Antonova

“Gender and Ethnicity in Disney’s Phineas and Ferb: a critical analysis with expat children’s perspectives” by Shelly Lawson

“Mobile phones in social settings” by Max Hubber

“Home Sweet Instagram” by Johanna Buchholtz





NU2016 is Sweden’s largest conference for development of higher education and is aimed primarily at teachers, leaders, students and educational developers. This year the conference is in Malmö and many teachers and lecturers from K3 have contributed to the theme digitalisation, participation and democracy.

Graphic Design students have also been involved and thye showed some of their projects.

Abstracts NU2016 by K3 staff
Examination som didaktiskt design by Margareta Melin, Dennis Augustsson and Kajsa Lindskog (page 119)

Att förstå kompetenser utanför examensmålen by Sara Gottschalk (page 362)

Devising by Håkan Magnusson (page 362)

Strömma medier Live – Så här funkar det på LU, MAH och HIS by Mikael Rundberg and others (page 269)

Fine Literature gives good typography by Christel Brost and Chi Kit Choi (page 279)

Utveckling av metodverktyg för tredimensionell formgivning by Helena Ondrus (page 285)


Dennis Augustsson, Kajsa Lindskog and Margareta Melin presented their work with didactic design.


Hugo Boothtby and Pille Pruulmann Vengerfeldt talked about the glocal classroom.


Graphic Design student Henrik Bengtsson (year 1)

Executions: Conversations on Code, Politics & Practice

executionOn April 28-30, the symposium “Executions: conversations on code, politics & practice” will be held at Medea and K3.

Everyone is welcome to the the Medea Talk “Why is technology still considered to be a political, and can ethical decisions be made by computers?” with Femke Snelting and Susan Schuppli. Learn more and sign up here.

The symposium is organized by Critical Software Thing, a collective of artists/practitioners/researchers interested in thinking ‘thing’ from the perspective of Software Studies. Three of PhD students from K3, Eric Snodgrass, Linda Hilfling, and Molly Schwarz are part of the collective.

Read more about the symposium here:*.exe_(ver0.2).

SIDeR – Student Interaction Design Research Conference

This year’s SIDeR Student Interaction Design Research conference in Malmö on 1st and 2nd of April, is organized by the master programme of Interaction Design at K3. SIDeR is a yearly event for and by students held throughout northern Europe.

The two day event will be a mixture of keynote lectures, demos, workshops and parties.

The theme of the 12th SIDeR conference deals with the ever evolving relationship between Human and Nature. Interaction design is at the centre of this relationship as technology and design progressively transform, blur and redefine our notion of the natural and the artificial.

More information on the SIDeR conference webpage