Un/making Matters – maintenance, repair and composting

The Swedish Research Council (Vetenskapsrådet) has granted Kristina Lindström, senior lecturer in Product Design), and Åsa Ståhl, Linnéuniveristy fund for the research project Un/making Matters – maintenance, repair and composting. 

The purpose with Un/making Matters is to explore and develop an emerging design space that offers alternatives to the productivist and anthropocentric thinking and making that has been and still is strong within design and design research. 

Åsa Ståhl and Kristina Lindström will carry out a variety of design experiments where human and non-human actors are invited to engage with practices such as maintenance, repair, composting and other ways of caring for that which has already been made, rather than making the new. Our interest here lies not only in what these practices make or sustain, but also what they can unmake, in terms of matters, entanglements, practices, imaginaries and aesthetics. 

Based on these events we will in the final phase of the project craft speculative scenarios, manuals, fabulations and prototypes that offer fantastical as well as mundane proposals for how to care for that which is already made. These speculations will be circulated to a wider public through exhibitions, media and other public fora. 

Through crafting events and speculations we will explore and contribute with inventive couplings between methods and theories from participatory design, speculative design, repair and maintenance studies and feminist technoscience. Insights from the experiments and speculative articulations will be circulated to the design research communities through articles and presentations at conferences and symposia. It will also be brought into educational settings.

More about the project.