We Want To Live – Liberia’s Fight Against Ebola

Next week Friday, 3 February, you are welcome to join the ComDev team for a screening of the documentary We Want To Live – Liberia’s Fight Against Ebola followed by a discussion with Executive Producer Antje Boehmert.

 “WE WANT YOU TO LIVE – Liberia’s fight against Ebola” is a documentary about the devastation the Ebola outbreak has brought upon Liberia. How do people experience an epidemic that was out of control for months, that destroyed the country’s health system and left fear and mistrust in cities and villages? WE WANT YOU TO LIVE – Liberia’s fight against Ebola tells the story of Stanley Juah, a father of four who, through one of his sons, brought the virus to his village and who is now held accountable for the deaths of fourteen people. Stanley’s last hope rests with a Reverend who tries to seek the community’s forgiveness on his behalf. There are health workers such as the nurse Mabel Musa who struggle in the face of this biblical task. After thousands who have perished, Mabel realizes how her country and her people are starting to surrender to this epidemic.

(From the documentary’s website http://ebolaueberleben.de/en/) 

The panel after the screening will discuss ethical questions of crisis journalism, documentary film-making best practices as well as the collaboration between the project and the Pulitzer Center for Crisis Reporting, exploring new forms of story-telling and financing. 

The screening of the 55-minute documentary will start at 14:00 sharp and we have time for Q&As and discussion until 16:30.