Conference: Why Media and Communication Studies Matter


The second year of Media and Communication Studies Master’s Programme kicked off Tuesday with a two-day conference, “Why Studying Media and Communication Matters?”, where a selection of the previous year’s theses was presented to the new and continuing master students as a demonstration of the diversity in research available to students of the programme.

The conference was live streamed and recorded for international students and is available here.

Theses presented:
“The Migration Motive Representations of migrants in the British press during the Brexit debate” by Oisin Share

“Pokemon Go as locative media” by Jonathan Hair

“Reading Fashion? Exploring Fashion Media Use Among Russian Young Adults” by Alexandra Antonova

“Gender and Ethnicity in Disney’s Phineas and Ferb: a critical analysis with expat children’s perspectives” by Shelly Lawson

“Mobile phones in social settings” by Max Hubber

“Home Sweet Instagram” by Johanna Buchholtz