Executions: Conversations on Code, Politics & Practice

executionOn April 28-30, the symposium “Executions: conversations on code, politics & practice” will be held at Medea and K3.

Everyone is welcome to the the Medea Talk “Why is technology still considered to be a political, and can ethical decisions be made by computers?” with Femke Snelting and Susan Schuppli. Learn more and sign up here.

The symposium is organized by Critical Software Thing, a collective of artists/practitioners/researchers interested in thinking ‘thing’ from the perspective of Software Studies. Three of PhD students from K3, Eric Snodgrass, Linda Hilfling, and Molly Schwarz are part of the collective.

Read more about the symposium here: http://softwarestudies.projects.cavi.au.dk/index.php/*.exe_(ver0.2).