Participation is innovation

Through open innovation processes and close user dialogue, the project moves from innovative and consortium wide concept development to prototype development that allow proof-of-concepts to be defined. Needs at Skånetrafiken and Blekingetrafiken (and the travellers they support), as well as Malmö City, Lund Municipality and Karlshamn Municipality (and the people living and visiting there) make up the foundation for concepts and prototypes.

Through the project focus on verifiable development of prototypes and proof-of-concepts, the project will inevitable face a number of the obstacles – technical as well as structural – that presently exist in order to move towards the data driven services of the future. As a result of the practice perspective of the project, and wide range of consortium partners, we are in a position to identify the needs for change that exist to overcome such obstacles. The case may therefore act as important input for further generalization efforts to other regions and partners.

The long term results are expected to be a growing and smarter more user-centered public transportation system which promotes and relies upon the quality of feedback from users. In this dialogue, the transportation organizations as well as organizations that collaboratively make up the public space of regions and cities are presented with a unique opportunity for sustainable growth and better service towards customers. Successful work of this type may further stimulate user-to-user interaction and willingness to care for the shared local region.


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