Action Plan

Our research methodology is human centred and together we will co-create the solutions. Co-creation is a method that achieves better results by involving the different stakeholders directly and actively in the outcome.

The stakeholder interests are a key part of this research and we will make use of various methods from human-centred design that includes stakeholder interviews and workshops. Our aim is to explore the needs of educators, workers, and industry representatives. The workshops will aim to explore different ways of approaching a case, learning, problem solving and sharing information with others.

We will use rapid prototyping and technology sketching to create small, simple prototypes that can be tested and revised quickly. The prototypes will be developed and evaluated together with stakeholders during the workshops.

  • The research project investigates the following:
    Understanding how the use of ICT can better support professional development and learning through the investigation of literature and interviews with key stakeholders in the construction industry.
  • Developing effective examples of ICT in digital technology and e-learning for the industry through the use of human centred design methodology.
  • Generating a report that can help inform future plans for ICT and open new research connections.

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