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Malmö: Month 2

Hej! Apologies for the delay between entries, the delay was caused by a combination of my business and a crash in the blog server! But I’m back on board and ready to update! So much has happened since my last … Continue reading

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Different Schooling Systems

They do things a little differently here in the Netherlands, back home we have two semesters per year and with in each semester is one teaching period that runs for about thirteen weeks. Most full time students will take four … Continue reading

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The Child With-In

November has finally arrived and every day I walk through the planty near my apartment and I am always amazed by the amount of multi-coloured leaves that have fallen from the trees. I am on many occasions tempted to run … Continue reading

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                  I have to say I never thought I’d be able to combine these two topics in a single blog, but let’s see how it goes! First, I just want to talk … Continue reading

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