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Hi Everyone I’m sorry for updating the blog so late but June month and May as well have been so stressful. I still can’t believe that these five months came to its end. I still can’t believe that everybody that … Continue reading

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Beyond all the exams and assigntments!

My team, the Blue blizzard is in the final of Ultimate Frisbee, I have one last assigntment left to write before the exams week begins, I have the funny but the sad part of the journey left and we all are … Continue reading

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Culture shock!

As always, when I want to start study, I always find something else to do, such as now, it’s more important to go through my pictures from this wonderful trip instead of writing on my assignments. I realized a few … Continue reading

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Hi Everyone! Im so sorry for not updating the blog for a while but all this exams, assignments and presentations are taking the most of my time. Townsville is getting cooler and I love it. The rain season seems to … Continue reading

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“To teach is to learn twice.” Joseph Joubert

Hey everyone! I really hope you have a good time back home in Sweden, but also here in Australia. I came back today from the famous Magnetic Island which was awesome and fantastic! We (me and many, many students from JCU) arrived on Friday to celebrate the full moon. It was an incredibly and wonderful experience to see the spectacular beautiful beach, lighten by the moon … Continue reading

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I’m going to miss this!

The first week of 5-months study has started and I’m glad for that. The courses I am reading have been very rewarding, but however, I have already read two of them so I’m hoping that I can enroll to other ones. The one I like most so far is Culture, Knowledge and Environment, I strongly recommend other … Continue reading

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Driving on the wrong side of the road

The orientations session started yesterday. My roommate lent me he’s car so I was more nervous about driving than the school itself. It is hard to drive on the wrong side of the road and sit on the wrong side of the car because it’s not easy.  Everything is back to front, for example, when … Continue reading

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In Townsville

I arrived in Melbourne for about 17 days ago. I stayed with my aunt for a few days and just get to know the new country that I’m staying in for about 6 months. My first experience of Melbourne was … Continue reading

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