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Completion Gathering

As Stefania already told you all, we had a completion gathering ceremony at JCU. Everyone was looking good with heels and ties as the dresscode asked for. I just didn’t expect that the ceremony would be so…. “American”? Don’t get … Continue reading

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The State Library of Victoria

Now it’s time for the last countdown of final exams! Hurray! There is no better place to study than the State Library of Victoria, a place of knowledge. It’s amazing what effect the atmosphere in here has on your learning … Continue reading

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God Save the Queen! (and let me pass the exam)

Rather annoying, when you have the long weekend but you know you’re gonna spend it over books, notes and computer. Especially, if you are passionate procrastinator. It feels even worse, because you know it is all your fault. Instead of … Continue reading

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can’t keep up!

Hi guys, what a crazy month June is! I’m completely lost in books and notes, studying for exams and feeling a bit stressed about it (first is on Tuesday so keep fingers crossed!). But that’s not the only thing that … Continue reading

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Time to start saying goodbye

Exactly one week ago I was taking part in the Completion Ceremony organized for us by International Student Centre. Stefania posted already an emotional report, and I can’t not agree with all she’ve said. I just don’t want to get … Continue reading

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Only the finals left!

The last one of my home exams is now handed in. Next week the finals start, of which I have four to complete. The time in Townsville is running out and time to get moving, first south, then a long, … Continue reading

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Week 13

Week 13 is the last week of lectures, the last week to hand in papers and the end of tutorials. The last day of my internship at 4ZzZ is close. I am inbetween planning a end of the year trip … Continue reading

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Last month in Australia

Here we go, after four months, the final countdown has begun. Only one moth left in this amazing place. Let’s be honest Townsville is not so exciting, but it represents a lot of things to me. First of all, it’s … Continue reading

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