The State Library of Victoria

Now it’s time for the last countdown of final exams! Hurray! There is no better place to study than the State Library of Victoria, a place of knowledge. It’s amazing what effect the atmosphere in here has on your learning outcomes – or let’s better say that I’m extremely focused on my studies without being distracted by my lovely housemates or by spontaneous attacks of procrastination else where. Everyone seems to be so concentrated and this vibe of people willing to gain knowledge is simply wonderful.

And before I catch myself losing the focus, I’d rather spend some more time with my books and study for tomorrow’s exam.

Oh, and for everyone who is busy with studying, I’d love to share this with you:



(and Kinga-  just sitting in front of me, very focused and concentrated as well – … that’s my impression at least)


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3 Responses to The State Library of Victoria

  1. kingakozaczka says:

    Nope, I am so not. Just pretending. That’s the other form of procrastination. And if you don’t know that- I’m a master of it! Just kidding (sense of humor below -1). Love my essay about Ivan Sen. Already have 753 words. Roughly 1400 to go. Too excited 😉 But, but- there are no nuts left :/

    P.S. State Library of Victoria is THE BEST place to study/eat coles trail mix

  2. Hoang Tran Hieu Hanh says:

    – to be continued –

  3. kingakozaczka says:

    Hahaha, are u serious mate…? Cause I’m in if you’re in! ;P

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