Shopping in Australia <3

What I really like in Australia? Shopping. No, not because it’s particularly cheap (it isn’t) or the items are standing out (although I do like fashion here). It’s more about how salespeople are treating consumers. Okay, I admit, I hate “small talks” by the counter when I do grocery shopping in Woolworth’s, Coles or any other supermarket. I just never know what to say – it’s not like anyone is actually interested in what I’m saying. So why asking? It makes me uncomfortable, so I came up with the solution – I’m the one asking, so I don’t have to think abouts answers myself.

But back to the topic. I love how easy it is here to demand your rights as a consumer. Have you bought a conditioner instead of a “2 in 1”? That’s ok, you can return it. The bike is not working as you wanted and you’re sure you don’t want to have it repaired? Well, you can get your money back. You don’t want the water bottle (reusable one, ofc) anymore? Sure, no problem. Nobody’s asking questions (well, except for this bike case, but it was solved pretty easy anyway), nobody’s making any problems. And the issue is solved in less than 5 minutes.

I still remember how in Kmart a salesperson let me take the basket from the shop to check, if it would fit my bike. I didn’t even think about something like that, I just wanted to take the bike inside, but wasn’t sure if they won’t mind. But why make life harder? Just take the basket and check – she said. It was my second or third week in Townsville and I remember that I was so shocked – don’t they have any stealing happening with that kind of attitude? O_O

Or last week, when I spotted a sale in a clothing store: from the pile of t-shirts for $5 I’ve picked three and went to the counter. The cash register shows $20. When I said that it’s supposed to be less, the salesperson said that one of the t-shirts is for $10 and that people sometimes move clothes from one pile to another. Then she apologized to me and changed the amount I was supposed to pay to $15. I was speechless.

So yeah, no wonder I like shopping, since I’ve got really positively surprised by shops in Australia ^^

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