Just keep moving.

As everyone else, I am flat out with uni work. My last essay about my family history and the story about my Mum migrating from Asia to Europe was such a pleasure to write. It was fascinating how much she could still recall after 26 years and I started to see her with completely different eyes. Considering the political, economic and social circumstances she was living under during that time, I couldn’t picture myself moving to a country so different to my own, not being familiar with the culture nor knowing any word in the foreign language AT ALL. Today it seems to be very common and quite uncomplicated to move around. I have lived in so many different countries around the world and have learnt several languages whilst my Mum hasn’t even left her city when she moved to Germany. Nowadays, it is so easy to just leave and go anywhere.

Today’s tutorial in Global Migration was very thought-provoking and it was so interesting to listen to my tutor’s thinking. We philosophised about multiculturalism, identity, society and culture and he recommended a documentary you really should have a look at! For every Humanities student who is intending to study at La Trobe Uni, I highly recommend to take this subject [Global Migration Stories]. I’ve gained so much knowledge on international population movement and it gave me new perspectives on the world.


“What came first? Society or culture?””Does multiculturalism exist in Australia?”
“And isn’t identity a social construction?”

I’ll leave this to you.




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