Last but not least

Here I am, after my last trip around Australia – this time it was one and only – Fraiser Island. I don’t have enough time (and probably money) for travelling more, but I guess that finishing that part of exchange studies at Fraiser was quite an idea!

Along with some friends we’ve decided to state at the campsite. From the very beginning I was totally blown away by the opportunity of driving a car on the beach (technically, I don’t have anything to do with a driving licence, but the feeling from a back seat’s perspective was pretty amazing too!). Later, the whole trip got more and more hilarious as that was the first time that one of my friends went camping and she had no clue how to set up a tent! But, eventually, she figured out things quickly.

We’ve been very lucky to see all the major animals living there like possums, huge geckos, dingos and even a snake! We’ve been less lucky though with the weather. From the second day it was raining most of the time and our tent has soaked and started to leak! Luckily, we had a really big car, so we managed to sleep comfortably in it. Actually, that appeared to be a nice change since I could observe amazing stars laying comfortably and not being afraid of insane mosquitos (by the way, I counted all of my bites after coming back, and the result is: 42…).Because of the weather I haven’t seen a lot of Fraiser as many roads have been closed. What I like though, was a small lake, called Basin, with a massive sand dune around it.

Although it was just a weekend I came back to the Gold Coast really fresh and relaxed. Truly a wonderful experience after weeks of hard-work at uni!

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