Stefania Maggio = the BEST international dinners

In Townsville the name “Stefania Maggio”, my Italian Borders Crossings mate (we’re in Australia, so she’s my mate), is equal to the best international dinners. She has organized a couple before, but yesterday she had her latest dinner. The first diner consisted out of less than 10 people and yesterday the party consisted out of more than 30 people! It was amazing, there was way too much food, and everyone was enjoying a mix of multiple international dishes. Everyone also brought wine or beer, but there’s no party without real Australian goon. After two hours of eating good food, enjoying nice beers and drinking horrible, disguising goon, we started to dance to crazy sorts of music. It started with the Australians dancing their “the Nutbush” – it’s sort of a mix between the Macarena and line dancing, but then on a upbeat rock and roll song. This triggered an effect in the playlist of the party, and the theme of the music changed to different sorts of typical “one hit wonders”, where every country put their cheesiest song in the list such as Aqua – Barbie Girl (Denmark) and Eiffel 65 – Blue (Da Na Dee) (Italia). It was a night where you could just talk to everyone and reveal your biggest secrets and hopes, but still didn’t know the name of the person you where talking to. It was a big success and I enjoyed every bit of the night. All that’s left to say is: Stef, when’s the next dinner?

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3 Responses to Stefania Maggio = the BEST international dinners

  1. samantapettinelli says:

    I would have liked to be there 😀

  2. julitadudziak says:

    Ruth, you’re exaggerating. Hardly anyone danced after the Nutbush 😛
    And you haven’t even mentioned the awesome pizza Stefania made yesterday!

    • Ruth-Eva Matahelumal says:

      well I can recall a certain couple of housemates dancing salsa the entire time haha… and didn’t you see Sam, Erin and I groovin’ behind the bank?! Maybe because you were too busy with dancing salsa :p

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