Time is running fast

After two months in Adelaide I am realizing how the time is running fast. It’s amazing how in such a short time I have done so many things. And all I can think is that I would like more time. Marjolein’s post explains well the kind of life that we are living here. Everyone wants to enjoy every moment and you will always find something to do! What is amazing is how much you can share with others and how simple is to find people who have the same interests.

I just got back from an amazing roadtrip, Great Ocean Road- Melbourne-Tasmania, renting the coolest campervan ever! It was awesome. Tassie is great, the landscape is completely different and changing, and the experience with the campervan was really funny. The life here is sooo good. I’d like to have more time to do everything and go everywhere.

This week I started lessons and I have to study haaard, but I like to know that there will be something to do over the weekend (Swedish party for example)!

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