Internship at Spectrum Migration Resource Centre

Studying Global Migration and doing an internship at a migration centre seemed to be a very good combination. It’s been the third week as an intern at Spectrum now and I reckon it’s time to give you a little insight. Spectrum is a Migration Resource Centre that takes care of newly arrived and established migrants and refugees. No matter if young or old, everyone is welcome. It offers amongst others housing assistance, immigration legal advice services, job matching services, vocational and cultural training courses, to ensure a smooth way of integration. It is located in Preston, close to La Trobe Uni, so I can easily go just right after uni.

I’m in the Homework Support Program where my task is to tutor kids from African background on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings. The staff and the volunteers participating in this project are really friendly and there is always a helping hand. And the kids… they are amazing – full of motivation and always eager to learn something new! Just form the start, they were fully curious about my migration story and when I told them about it, one of the first comments was “What, but you don’t look like a Swede or German!”. Later on, it became obvious that my example enabled their stereotypes to be challenged and we ended up talking about their migration background. I got so fascinated by listening to their stories and it reaffirms again how lucky I feel to live in this incredibly multicultural city – Melbourne!

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