ANZAC impressions

Last Thursday, Australia and New Zealand (although a celebration took place also in Turkey) celebrated the ANZAC, one of the most important national days for all of Aussies and Kiwis.

That particular day (which stands for Australian and New Zealand Army Corps) starts with a so-called dawn service when all the locals come together for a sunrise to commemorate their soldiers who fought at Gallipoli during the WWI. UNFORTUNATELY, public transport at the Gold Coast won’t make things easier for you when you want to get somewhere before 6am, so I got up before 5am and watched a Currumbin dawn service on TV. Later on, I watched dawn services in other cities all over the country as well as marches which starter after that.

Although I still think that it doesn’t make sense to compare the history of European countries and nations with Australian (since the latter is simply too short), I must admit that it was a pleasure to watch all of these people during ANZAC. Everyone, including children, knows what ANZAC is about, everyone is truly involved in celebration and everyone sees that as an essential piece of national history. I could say I was even a bit jealous as I can’t anymore observe that in Poland. Of course, we also have marches and military parades but it’s not the same. Here, the atmosphere around this day is really exceptional (especially dawn services I found amaziiiiiiing) and it is, for me, definitely something that I’d love to see back in Europe. Even if it’s just one day of the year 😉

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