Queensland and it’s nature.

James Cook University is thé university for the tropics. The most students here study marine biology or something else relating to biology and/or the sea. It’s the strongest field of JCU. You can find this in everything. The advertisement is blue like the sea, everything is environmental-friendly, but most of all you can see it in the architecture of the campus. The JCU campus is so perfectly intertwined with the nature and it’s creek “Wadda Mooli”. It’s almost as if the architects of the university found the formula to the perfect syntheses of buildings and nature. It reminds you constantly that you are in the tropics. Not only the tree’s and the plants remind you of it, also the animals. We often have kangaroos, opossums or Ulysses butterflies as guests.

But also in the surrounding area’s we have beautiful places, which depict an earthly heaven. The famous ones are the Strand and Magnetic (Maggie) Island, but for the locals there are other beautiful spots. One of them is Crystal Creek at Paluma. It’s truly one of the most beautiful creeks that I have ever seen. Hid between trees and located between big rocks, you can find a creek with a stone slide. While spending my time there, a lot of people came to enjoy the creeks. Different people, different ages and boys/girls came to cool down in the creek. I’ve taken a dive in it and I can say, the water is lovely and cool.

For all the people who are planning on visiting Queensland, come and enjoy our nature, because it’s the best of Australia!

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Dutch New Media student, optimist, wannabe-worldchanger, proud Moluccan, happy. In any order.
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