Time is running by.

Hello everyone!

If I were in Italy I would be waiting and waiting for May to come because in that month spring arrives. It’ s April and Yesterday I went swimming in the river.  For Aussies that’s pretty weird because the temperature is still too hot, and it’s supposed to be the beginning of winter here ! Anyway I cannot complain, this year I was able to skip the Whole winter even if when I go back I won’t be able to show off because everyone will be tan in that period!

During the break from lectures, after my first exams, I went to Melbourne with Ruth-Eva and my housemate. I met my good  friend Samanta(my italian partner in Border Crossing) and we had a great time ! The city is awesome! Lots of street artists, free museums, arts, good music and very interesting poeple! We took a tour and they drove us along the Great Ocean Road too. It was Amazing.

Here we go. No time to hang out , a huge study load and a month and half to get prepared. Even if it’s pretty difficult with this sunny days and terrible heat. People only feel like going to The Strand. But hey, Aussies are used to it so let’s  do it!

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  1. Marie Philipp says:

    It is pretty hard to sit in the library and study on a sunny day!

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