Sex and the City: the road through Pandora

Only a week after Easter break, we had another week off. In our lecture break Stefania (Border crossings colleague from Italia), another friend and I were heading to Melbourne. Research has conclude that Melbourne is the city where the most happiest people of the world live. My opinion of this thesis? Yes, indeed.

There is not much negative about this beautiful city. It’s a very clean and modern city, but still has a strong cultural identity. Multicultural is almost a synonym for the city. You can find people of everywhere in Melbourne. The people are very kind. While I was walking through the streets of Melbourne I felt as if I figured in a spin-off of Sex and the City but then located in Melbourne.

Unfortunately this Carrie didn’t have the Manolo Blahnik-shoes or the Marc Jacobs-clutch, she did experienced the adventures. We stayed in a hostel called Melbourne International Backpackershostel in short MIB. MIB can also stand for Man In Black, which gives my Sex and the Melbourne City a sci-fi-setting.

The city’s skyline is filled with skyscrapers and one of them I’ve climbed. It was beautiful to see the sun go under from such height. Just like Carrie I’ve walked a lot, only in less fashionable shoes and enjoyed multiple strolls at night. Not a single episode did I cook, I went out for dinner every night to enjoy the side range of food that Melbourne offers (just like in the series!). Unfortunately I didn’t get to see my Mr. Big, but that didn’t made the experience less fabulous.

The Men In Black-part of my trip can be found in the Great Ocean Road-part of my trip. The views were so phenomenal, that they reminded me of the mise-en-scene of Avatar. We booked a tour that drove us half way the road, we stayed a night in Lorne and the next day we saw Philip-Island. To stay in theme of this blog: Agent B drove us up the hills to see the beautiful landscape of Pandora, where we stayed a night at the Tree of Souls and the next day we would see the Hallelujah Mountains.

Overall Melbourne is amazing. It depict a totally different view of Australia, at least the Australia we see here in Queensland. The people in Melbourne have the right to be more happy than the people of Queensland. They have better and more culture, different sorts of food, music, diverse people, museums, but there is one thing they don’t have: beautiful weather every day. Take that, Melbourne!

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