Not only the Kiwi Experience

Hi All,

Haven’t been here for a while since after travelling during the Easter break, I finally had to catch up with my assignments (what I am still actually struggling with).

So, just a few words about my Easter holidays, as taking into account my lack of writer’s skills, I wouldn’t be able anyway to express widely how I fell about it: NEW ZEALAND.

I only had 8 days for travelling around that the-most-extraordinary-country-I-have-ever-been-to. The ambitious plan was: Auckland-Hobbiton-Rotorua-Waitomo Caves-Queenstown-Tekapo-Christchurch-Wellingon-Auckland. I’ve met so many incredible people and seen places i’ve always dreamed about (especially as a massive fan of Tolkien!). I’m still wondering how I managed to complete that in such a short period of time and come back only with a cold. And, since I, and a flowery language don’t know each other very well, then instead of describing how I see NZ, I’m posting a couple of pictures 😉

If you’re planning to go there, or such a thought has crossed your mind: do not hesitate (just take warm clothes since it’s freezing in the south already)!

However, during the recent weeks, NZ hasn’t been my only experience. The week after coming back from the MiddleEarth, I went to Byron Bay which was a blast too! I found people especially interesting. I mean, it’s not far away from the Gold Coast at all but it’s totally different. People smile more, hang out more and surf more (and I wasn’t aware it was even possible after living over 2 months now in the Gold Coast). Hopefully, I’ll have a couple of days after final exams to get back there 🙂

For now, I turned on my ambitious mode and I’m trying to work as much as I can at Uni. I know (which is slightly depressing sometimes) that I need to work twice as much as Aussies, mostly because of the language, but the option of traveling afterwards seems to be the best motivation! 

Hope, you’re all doing more than great!




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